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Legend in Japan ‘Kaiju’

Posted on the 30 May 2014 by Thatswhatsheheard @sheheardblog

Legend in Japan

A self-promoted, self described Alt-Punk band, Legend In Japan have only been around for a couple of years. In this time, they’ve devoted themselves to being the ‘antithesis of the saccharine sweet pop princesses dominating the charts.’ Their weapons in this endeavour include putting on great live shows; catchy hooks, and some passion missed with sincerity. I’d argue that pop is also full of catchy hooks, but maybe they’re trying to subvert the system…

The EP ‘Kaiju’ opens with the fast and frantic ‘Yes Men’ which has all the traits of a classic punk song. Heavy, simple guitars; angry yet simple vocals and an anti establishment theme. I did find the inclusion of what seemed to be some kind of Rastafarian spoken word interesting, but an oddly satisfying departure from the main vocals.

Equally up tempo is the next track ‘Echoes’. Continuing in the same theme, we have trashy guitars; angst ridden vocals, and snappy melody line. The only real interest for me was the production on the vocals, again providing something a little different on the song.

A slower number is up next, providing a brief respite from the fast pace of the other songs. To me this is the most musically interesting on the EP, as the melody is given space to breathe and the arrangement has development and dynamics to it, this combines to create a more gripping song.

Finally, we revert to type, although, to me this was the best out of the up tempo tracks. I particularly enjoyed the drums on this track, especially the Tom break towards the end, as the vocals ‘ooo’d over the top. This was a pleasant touch, and I think that if more soft moments were brought in to juxtapose the raucous overtone of their songs, it would create for more poignant moments.

As I’m not a huge punk fan, the tracks seem to bleed into one, with the last one replacing the previous in my mind. Whilst it is an enjoyable listen, with solid vocals, catch hooks (as promised) and good production, I feel that there is nothing to mark it out against the crowd. I was impressed, but not sold. That being said, it would definitely encourage me to see them live as I can see them living up to the hype in that arena.

Verdict: I wanted more dynamic and variation, which I wasn’t given. However, there were glimpses of great songs in among the furore.


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