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LaViv Dermal Filler – Benefits, Costs and Risks

By Rishiraj @beautyglimpseIn

LaViv dermal filler treatment is a new development in the dermal filler circuit wherein the filler is made using your own cells. The procedure has received FDA approval for the treatment of nasolabial folds and is poised to break new grounds in the wrinkle treatment area. We give you a lowdown on this new treatment and tell you how it works.

How is laViv dermal filler different from other fillers?

LaViv is not a synthetically manufactured filler but is a material that is made of your own cells. Your skin sample is used to extract fibroblasts from it. Fibroblasts are collagen producing cells and collagen is what gives you skin its structure and firmness. So what is done is that the fibroblasts are isolated from your skin sample. They are multiplied and subsequently used as the filler to erase the smile line.

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What is the procedure of laViv treatment?

LaViv is your own personalized dermal filler, manufactured for you by the company Fibrocell with the raw material extracted from your own body. If you and your plastic surgeon decided to take up the laViv surgery, then your skin tissue is harvested. It is normally taken out from behind your ears. The sample from your skin is sent to the laboratory.

The fibrocytes from your tissue are isolated and are multiplied in order to produce millions of fibrocytes. This process takes 3 months. The laboratory then prepares your personalized vial that contains the fibrocytes mixed with sugars, amino acids, water, antibiotics and bovine serum. The laboratory then sends back the vial to the doctor.

LaViv filler injection

The contents of the vial are injected in your nasolabial folds or the smile line,  phase by phase, in 3 sittings spaced over 3-6 weeks.

Are you a candidate for laViv treatment?

If you are a healthy woman wanting to erase the smile line, then you can take up this treatment. However, it is discouraged for women who are allergic to antibiotics and have bleeding disorders. Also, if you have any skin infection, you would be advised to take up the treatment only after it is cured.

Benefits of the laViv treatment

  • Since the treatment makes use of your own skin cells, the chances of rejection of the filler or that of an infection are virtually not there.
  • You can start seeing improvement in your smile line soon after the third sitting.

Laviv before and after


  • The treatment is known to show effect for a good 6 months, which is an impressive duration for a temporary filler.

Side Effects and After care of laViv treatment 

The most common side effect of this treatment is redness and swelling at the injection site, which is expected. It should diminish within a week of the administration of the injection.

You would need to apply a cold compress on the injection site and avoid washing or scrubbing the area for a day. It is also recommended not to wear make up for 72 hours after the injections are administered.

Cost of laViv treatment 

The cost of the treatment includes the personalized cell growth, which costs you about $1000-$2000. Each sitting with your plastic surgeon would cost you anywhere between $500-$1000. The treatment has to be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who is trained by Fibrocell, the company that makes laViv.

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