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Latest Races & Dates Added to Calendar & Special Offer

By Abichal @Multidays

Despite problems with the site earlier today there have been a number of new races added to the calendar recently:-

Donadea 50K http://www.donadearunningclub.com/Anto50km.html

The Druids Challenge http://www.xnrg.co.uk/druid2012.htm

GlobalLimits Bhutan 2013 – The Last Secret - http://global-limits.com

Alice Springs Ultra Marathon http://www.asrwc.com.au/

Running And Living – 24 hr experience http://runningandliving.com

Piece Of String Fun Run http://www.centurionrunning.com/piece-of-string-fun-run/

The Tuna Run 200 http://tunarun200.com/

Pickled Feet 24/12/6 Hour & 100 Mile http://24hour.pickledfeetultras.com

Silver City Endurance Runs 100k, 50k, 30k http://scer.pickledfeetultras.com

Wilson Creek Frozen 50k, 20M, 10M http://frozen50k.pickledfeetultras.com

TransRockies Run www.transrockies.com

Ragnar Relay So Cal 2013 http://ragnarrelay.com/race/southerncalifornia

Roller Coaster Run http://www.rollercoasterrun.com/

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod http://www.ragnarrelay.com/race/capecod

If you would like to add a date to the calendar its very easy and there’s no fees, no strings, not even a login. Just go to the Add Event page and fill in the form. If you would like to have a 468×60 banner at the top of the page then we have a special discount for the rest of October $10/month, $15 two months. Offer valid until midnight 31st October 2013.
Send logo to [email protected]

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