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Latest Glossybox, and Versatile Blogger Award

By Jennydurbin985 @Jennydurbin85
I thought I'd do a quick post about the latest Glossybox as it arrived this morning and there's been quite a lot of discussion about it on twitter!
Latest Glossybox, and Versatile Blogger award
Latest Glossybox, and Versatile Blogger award Duwop Venom Gloss Impress Press-on Manicure Paul Mitchell Quick slip BM Beauty mineral eyeshadow in Her Majesty Como Shambhala Invigorate shower gel There has been a mixed response to this months box. I spied the pink eyeshadow and my heart sank - I would never wear it, as it is far too bright. Definitely something I'd give away to somebody. I like the Duwop lip venom gloss, as i've used it before, and everybody needs little travel sized hair and shower products. I don't like the black shade of the press on nails, perhaps if they had been a more neutral color I would like the idea more. I feel a bit like the sparkle of beauty boxes has gone for me now, maybe because I hear about them before I receive them. I'm going to give Glossybox another month or so, I really liked their December/January boxes, and the Valentines one was okay. I've signed up to SheSaidBeauty, which is a bit of a risk considering we don't know any of the brands they're affiliated with yet! But, it has a nice element of surprise to it I guess. I can only afford to have one beauty box a month so I'm going to see which one fares better next month and make a decision then. What did everybody get in their boxes, and what did you think?
Very quickly, Maisey at has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award, so THANK YOU! It means a lot to me that people read and like my blog. So, as per, here are five bloggers I award it to because I love their designs and writing styles:
Essie at essiebutton (I love her tutorial videos!)
Laura at petitchatons
Vicki at themagpiegirl
Lucie at hummingbirdandtherose
Hareem at iheartmexoxo
I'm supposed to say 7 things about myself, but I'm in a rush! So I just want to say thank you again for reading my blog and I appreciate all these little signs you guys like what i'm doing :)
Latest Glossybox, and Versatile Blogger award

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