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Last World Cup XCE Win Rissveds and Gegenheimer

Posted on the 12 September 2013 by Worldxcmtb @worldxcmtb
Last world cup XCE win Rissveds and Gegenheimer

(google translate)Among women won the young Swedish Rissveds while among men is Simon Gegenheimer to win. They keep the leader's jersey and win the World Cup XCE Alexandra Engen and Daniel Federspiel.

First days of races with the XCE on a very nice route, if not the most beautiful World Cup A first ascent on a dirt road where those who have legs can replace having two lines then go to a piece in the style bmx with 3 double where riders could earn more technical terrain. When this downhill stretch down to face the last tear (about 100m) and very technique final descent to emerge on the finish straight. Nothing artificial but natural.
The batteries men have seen all the favorites also qualify with our Nicolò Ferrazzo (Rudy Project Pedals Brand) and Andrea Tiberi (Controltech Snows). In qualifying the various Fabrice Mels, Daniel Federspeil, Catriel Soto, Patrick Luthi, Kenta Gallagher and Simon Gegenheimer pass the turn without any problems. Surprising Swedish Wengelin Matthias, born in 1988, ripping the fastest time in qualifying and passes the turn with impressive ease. Too bad for our Ferrazzo and Tiberi who are excluded from the quarter-final finishing their battery on the 3rd and 4th place.
Even among women no surprise with all the best that pass the turn, as the Swedish Rissveds, the Italian Lechner, the Cup leader Engen. Surprisingly, the new generation of bikers as Jenny Rissveds and Jolande Neff, who face the double at a high speed as males and really well-versed in driving technique.
Even in the quarterfinals yet all the favorites of the various batteries pass the turn, as well as among women. A complete course that showcases all quality's rider. Too bad for Jolande Neff in the technical sections that earns a lot and is likely to go to deceive the most expert Stirnemann and Engen.
Semi-final 1 with the Swedish Wengelin, Fabrice Mels, Catriel Soto and Simon Stiebjahn and semi-final 2 with Daniel Federspeil, Simon Gegheneimer, Kenta Gallagher and Patrick Luthi ... practically all the best. In the semi-final first big test of Wengelin that, despite a mistake, passes the turn in front of Soto. In the semifinals 2 Gegenheimer Federspiel and control but in the last downhill Gallagher arrives very strong but in the fast lane is closed by Federspeil and topple over. The jury did not take any decision and Gallagher does not pass the turn. Too bad because the scorretteza could be, for the avoidance of doubt arrivals should be made in straight or else you will see more and more often these episodes.
Final women with Eva Lechner, Kathrin Stirnemann, Jenny Rissved and Alexandra Engen. The Rissveds part in the whole and in the technical sections gaining ground going to win almost detachment ... remember that Jenny was born in 1994 and is one of the future talents of the Mountain Bike female. Fight for 2nd place between Engen and Lechner with the Italian going to beat Germany in the final sprint. Fourth place went to the Stirnemann, never entered in the race.

Final men with Wengelin Matthias, Simon Gegenheimer, Daniel Federspiel e Catriel Soto. On the first climb are all close with Soto in the head. In hoop section positions are maintained with Soto in front of Gegenheimer and Wengelin. Some distance away Federspiel. Great fight last tear with Gegenheimer passing Catriel Soto and goes on to win in front of Wengelin gaining the 2nd place on the last descent against Soto. Fourth place for Federspeil.

Results Men:
1. Simon Gegenheimer (Germany)
3. Mathias Wengelin (Sweden)
3. Catriel Soto (Wildwolf)
4. Daniel Federspiel (Otzal)
5. Kenta Gallager (Superior MTB)
7. Fabrice Mels (Salcano)
8. Simon Stiebjahn (Garmany)
9. Patrick Luthi (Switzerland)

Results Women:
1. Kathrin Stirnmeann (Haibike)
2. Alexandra Engen (Ghost)
3. Jenny Rissved (Sweden)
4. Eva Lechner (Colnago)
5. Jolanda Neff (Switzerland)
7. Nadine Rieder (Topeak Ergon)
8. Lea Davison (Specialized)
9. Linda Indergand (Switzerland)


REPLAY of the race

16.45 - XCE Qualify
18.00 - XCE Finals

9.00 - U23 Women
9.02 - Junior Women
11.30 - Elite Women
14.00 - Elite Men
16.30 - U23 Men
13.30 - Junior Men


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