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Lapka Personal Environment Monitor Set

Posted on the 14 May 2014 by Anna Peterson

This week, MyTrendyPhone has decided to introduce a very interesting gadget to all of you – the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor (PEM). The Lapka PEM connects to your phone and measures, collects and analyzes the hidden qualities of your surroundings.

Personal Environment Monitor Set by Lapka

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor Set

The Lapka PEM is a small, beautifully designed device whose sensors measure ions, particles, molecules and waves all around you. The results are always specific to where you are – whether you’re on the street, in a bedroom or at the office. The Lapka app (you can download it from the App Store) compares the readings to average guidelines for each environment.

The PEM set by Lapka

Lapka PEM Set

The monitor works with iOS devices (iOS 7 is required) and connects to them via a cable you receive in the package. In order to get more accurate results, leave the Lapka running the test for more than two minutes (the indicator will turn black before the test ends). After the test, you get a personal report that compares the final results with already established guidelines.

The device is fully powered by your phone, so you don’t need additional batteries or chargers and it is water resistant (but not waterproof).

Download the Lapka app on the App Store

Lapka App

Package includes:
- Lapka Organic Food Tester
- Lapka EMF Detector
- Lapka Humidity & Temperature Monitor
- Lapka Radiation Tester

If you like the Lapka PEM Set, you can purchase it at our shop for £233.20.


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