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Lady Gaga – Brave, Artistic and Very Switched On.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or Lady Gaga as she likes to be known is a fascinating character to be sure. At the moment, never one to be missing a trick, she was seen at the opening of London fashion week wearing a garish bright pink burka!! How’s that for crossing stereotypes, a Roman Catholic girl from New York who openly expresses her sexuality donning in Western eyes the most controversial of Islamic fashion. Since 2008 when she burst onto the pop world with her multi platinum selling album “The Fame”, Gaga has taken over the territory in many people’s eyes where Madonna ruled in the 80’s and 90’s. Brash, brave and highly aware, today I take a look at the astrology of a girl you cannot keep out of the newspapers.

LadyGaga natal

Lady Gaga was born on 28th March 1986 at 09.53hrs in Yonkers, New York, the information courtesy of her biography. She is a Sun sign Aries with a Scorpio Moon and a Gemini Ascendant. Straight away I notice that this is a chart with no air signs but it does have a Gemini Ascendant. When there is a lack of one element, it always seems that the subject will try to compensate for this imbalance, and here the Gemini Ascendant acts as a conduit or a lightening rod fro the rest of the chart. The requirement here is to communicate, to network and to get out one’s message in whatever way one can. I think we can agree that Lady Gaga does not in any way lack a media savvy brain, or fails to get her ideas across.

Her Sun in Aries and her Moon in Scorpio and this combination is so representative of what we see. We have the energetic, impulsive Aries Sun combined with the more secretive mysterious energy of the Scorpio Moon. It’s like Lady Gaga has to be recognised as an individual, but also has to be hidden away behind a mask, or a wig or dark sunglasses or a bright pink see-through burka. Her Sun is interestingly in her 11th house, so this is a woman who does collaborate with people and with friends really quite well, although the Sun in Aries does tend to mean that she is the individual within the group. Venus is in Aries also in the 11th and this suggests that she needs that band of brothers and sisters around her to fortify her personality. You may not see it, but I can guarantee you that there is a close team working with her to plot her every move.

Now aspects from both Venus and the Sun feed into the 4 planets sitting in the 6th and the 7th houses which are the focus of this chart, Saturn and Uranus in the 6th and Neptune and Mars in the 7th. Do you see the mini grand trine above with these planets at the focus point? Jupiter and the Pisces Midheaven trine to a Moon Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in Lady Gaga’s 5th house, and the energy from this trine is homed in onto Uranus Neptune and Mars.

Let’s delineate all this then. The Pisces Midheaven shows that Lady Gaga’s career was always going to be an artistic one. The Midheaven is conjunct to both Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces showing great imagination and writing ability as well as musical acumen. Jupiter in the 10th always seems to promise riches from one’s career and here it also brings the chance for international attention through her work. Mercury is retrograde, and it is noticeable that Gaga is often seen, but not heard so much. The thought processes are turned in on oneself; those with Mercury in Pisces retrograde are reluctant speakers, as if words alone cannot convey what they have in their minds. This need to keep one’s counsel does keep that aura of mystique about her though.

This Jupiter and Midheaven are making a trine to Pluto and the Moon in the 5th house of entertainment and creation. This is a very very driven lady. She wants fame and notoriety at all costs and with the Moon here in the 5th house she will take risks and use her emotions and her sexuality (Pluto) to achieve her aims, indeed there seem to be no depths that she will not go to in order to create an impression – there is raw passion and energy on show here. This is a highly secretive and manipulative Moon too, and she will let very few people into her personal world, and the ones she does she will try to control, but their is always a double edged sword to wherever Pluto is found.  This is also the house of giving love and one can imagine that her love relationships are stormy and have and will be life changing. The trine between Moon Pluto and Jupiter Midheaven promises huge success and rewards, but there is a potential cost to the paid at the point of the formation too.

Mars and Neptune sit in Lady Gaga’s 7th house in Capricorn. This is sheer charisma with business acumen all rolled into one. The two musical signs in the zodiac are Taurus and Capricorn, and you find a lot of high grossing music stars with Capricorn prominent because of a natural ability how to organize yourself, promote yourself and run your musical talent in a business sense. The musical ability is obvious here, she is a song writer and plays the piano, with the mini grand trine pointing at Neptune (ruling music and imagination) which is connected to the Midheaven and is square to the Sun. Mars in Capricorn is very disciplined and great at forming a strategy through life. The one downside of this placing is that she will suffer from idealism and through stormy permanent relationships. Neptune in the 7th wants the perfect partner and is very gullible in one to one situations and Mars attracts feisty and combative people to your side. One can be duped into thinking that someone is wonderful when in the background they are deceiving you. One can see the situation where once that cover of deception is lifted, arguments and fights can ensue.

Now this Neptune Mars conjunction is also conjunct to Uranus. Uranus brings unpredictability and the spirit of a true adventurer. Artistically, this is a woman who will shock to amaze. Uranus is also square to Mercury in Pisces, so her imagination comes out through this Uranus and into her creative work. This connection is like a firecracker, you light the fuse and wait for it to explode in a multitude of different colours. It is highly unpredictable too, but that is exactly why she captures so many headlines, and she knows it. Very rarely have I seen a chart like this, with the boldness of the Aries Sun combined with the deep emotional passion and secretive nature of the Moon Pluto conjunction, the luck and the talent of Jupiter and Midheaven and the unpredictable genius that lies at the heart of her reservoir of talent through Neptune Mars and Uranus.

There is just one planet left which holds things together. Saturn in her 6th house in Sagittarius. This Saturn is square to the Midheaven and Jupiter and trine to her Sun. She is a hard worker, someone who knows how to put her nose to the grindstone, she knows that success does not come without graft and dedication. I think this discipline came from her parents. It is reported she was brought up in a working class neighbourhood, and Virgo on the cusp of her 4th house of home and family confirms this. Despite her fame, she will be mindful and I think humble because of her roots.

This Saturn looks after the details, dots the i’s and crosses the t’s. This Saturn plots her career path with careful efficiency. Without this Saturn, I think she might go completely off the rails. Neptune’s square to the Sun is one of those connections that could lead one down a crazed path of drugs and alcohol and she may well dabble in these things, but Saturn in Sagittarius keeps a lid on the excesses as one knows that one has deadlines to keep, contracts to fulfill and the public to serve. So many talented people don’t have this grounding on their chart, but Lady Gaga has. With the innovation and carefully crafted, controversial image that she has developed and the clever way she fuses rock with electro with R&B and with dance, this is one artist who may well cross the ages and achieve long lasting success.

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By  Diamondsonweb
posted on 07 December at 06:07
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Wow, she is looking fantastic and hot as usual.

By Lola
posted on 28 November at 20:39
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She's very generic, artistically. Also, very uncreative. Emulating other people, whilst dumbing their style, work and art down is the opposite of artistic.