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Kryolan Eye Pencil Review

By Makeuppedia @shruthi2588

Hi all!! Here I am with a kryolan review. An eye pencil this time! I had bought two eye pencils, one gray and another metallic bronze colored pencil! Read on to find out about how the bronze pencil fared.
KRYOLAN EYE PENCIL REVIEWWhat the website says about the product: Soft textured contour pencils in three ranges:
Classic, Iridescent and Fashion.17.5 cm Pencil length, made of cedar wood, with metal tip protector.
KRYOLAN EYE PENCIL REVIEWPackaging: It comes in a silver colored body with words engraved in silver. The cap is a small metal one.
My take on the product: I had wanted a golden or bronze colored eye pencil and I found just the right thing at Kryolan ( or that’s what I thought ) Since these eye pencils were cheap, and i wanted to experiment a little, I got this one. These were extremely creamy and one of the pencils broke twice while swatching! I was at first amazed at how smooth these were, but little did I realize the difficulty I was going to face! I was both happy that it was creamy and soft but worried about the tip getting crumbled often. So with mixed expectations, i went ahead and applied it on my eyes, and as i feared, the tip crumpled and became blunt.
KRYOLAN EYE PENCIL REVIEW I did not lose heart. I tried again and the tip broke this time too. I touched the tip and it crumpled :( . I was actually able to mold the tip with my fingers! I still went ahead and tried to draw a clumsy line. But I got a very thick one. I was very disappointed. I tried smudging it a little and it came out well. Only then did I realize that there is no way I can use this pencil as a liner, but I can very well use it as an eye shadow! 
But that was not what I got it for! Anyhow I just wanted to make this pencil work on me some way. But I had a tough time in evenly spreading the product on my lids. But once I did that, it was awesome! And I had actually tried an EOTD. My first one! It is totally unsuitable for using on the waterline. It stayed on my lids for about 3 to 4 hours. Though I don’t know how long it will stay with a proper primer.  
It is extremely creamy and pigmented. In the 3 to 4 hours, it creased very little! On the whole, it fails miserably as an eye pencil but works great as an eye shadow or as a base for eye shadow. 
Price: Rs.175
The good:1.   Creamy formula which gives a smooth application on my lids.2.   Does not tug the lids.3.   Very cheap for the quantity (the pencil is 17.5 cm in length, more than half feet) and it will last for a long time.4.   It is sharpenable, so it is hygienic.5.   Has color band at the end for easy identification.6.   The staying power is really good! It did not smudge until I wiped it off.
The not so good:1.   Fails miserably as an eye pencil L 2.   Even though it is creamy, it crumples like crazy and application becomes difficult.3.   Cant be used on the water line as it has glitter particles in it.4.   No names for the colors, they have some weird numbers.   My rating : 1.5/5  as an eye liner pencil! I would not recommend this one to anyone, if you want an eye liner pencil in this color. But if you like the color and can put up with the crumpling part, you can go ahead and get it. It will definitely make a good eye shadow and a base.    Here s how it looks on my eyes. Please excuse my oily lids with dark circles and unprepped eyes (there was a power cut and I was bored when I was trying this also I did not intend to do an EOTD at all.) :( 
I   See the condition of the tip after using it on my lids :(KRYOLAN EYE PENCIL REVIEW
   Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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