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Korean Kpop, “Ring Ding Dong”

Posted on the 06 March 2013 by Calvinthedog

Interesting Kpop video by SHINee, a Korean Kpop group. I am wondering why these Korean Kpop bands all look and act so faggy. What’s the point? They are all trying to be David Bowie 1972? Is this androgyny or just sheer fagginess? They are kind of sexy, like Bowie was back in the day, but what’s the point of all this queeriness? Is all Korean Kpop so queery and faggy like this?

A guy called Taemin shows up at :08. The Asian girls in the comments are all raving about him. He’s a very nice looking guy, and he isn’t as faggy as the rest of them. Tell the truth, I used to look something like that myself when I was a young man. I had the same hair.

Warning for males on the site. Viewing this video may turn you into a homosexual!

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