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Radical Islam as a Solution for Men in the Face of Extreme Western Feminism

Posted on the 05 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Fascinating comment from Francis Miville. I don’t really agree but his views are always entertaining and provocative and he’s an incredible writer, albeit with a rather difficult reminiscent of Henry James-like long-winded fancy sentences that take a little while to decode.

I don’t agree: converting to radical Islam does enable a man to win at last with feminists. After it is what feminists expect a man to be.

Every man whom I know to have converted to radical Islam from scratch (it must be done in a serious and violent way though) or reverted to radical Islam after having been born as tepid Muslims by family or national custom, just ceases to have problems with feminists. The only problem he might be reproached is his eventual lack of money because in presence of radical Islam feminists no longer present as such but just try to court a wallet.

In the mean time even without converting to Islam the best defense against feminism when actually dealing with bitches is to talk about Islam as overflowingly and fascinatedly as possible at the slightest remark inspired by feminism. Contrary to what Maggie Thatcher used to say, there is always an alternative solution, rigged though the game be.

Meditate also upon that other but related fact: feminists, bar a tiny very very few exceptions, don’t feel very much concerned about Female Genital Mutilation as is happening in the sand belt or their cities’ own black belts.

Instead they concentrate on fighting White Dying Males in their own territories while refusing to intervene into others for multiculturalism’s sake, and instead will value the phenomenon positively for women who for all practical purposes have but negligible chances to be converted to American feminism.

The reason for this is that in order for the price of love to be kept out of reach for men, the best strategy in absence of doctrinal feminism is to reduce the supply by cutting the drive for union with males by any means, including mutilation or very puritanical religions.

Feminism alone could motivate mass conversions of Anglophone men to Islam just not to get mad. The West now just behaves exactly like the most wacko Islamic conspiracy theories think it has always.

The French yellow jackets now challenging Macron are being combated by him with heavy-duty CIA-sponsored or Israeli-designed feminism. This is because Macron cannot refrain from resorting to among the first-strike hybrid war weapons available in the full metal jacket he has been provided with.

When the demonstrations assailed him, he partly succeeded at describing them as first and foremost moved by rape instinct against women in general so as to cut the movement into two.

If and when Marine and Marion LePen themselves fall for that nasty trick, you’ll see the inconceivable: White Frenchmen will join radical Islam in droves, even though they don’t believe in any such faith.

Instead their conversion will be a purely exterior and political one. This will work for them, since according to Islam, provided their obedience be real thereafter, this type of conversion is perfectly admissible, Quran-compatible and Hadith-approved.

Saudi Arabia, thanks to their ultimate mastering of graft, have been granted the directorship of quite a few human rights UN sub-organizations, which in French are just worded Rights of Man organizations.

This is hard to understand. Maybe the Saudis sincerely thought when reading the captions that the organism was responsible for the endangered rights of males. Maybe also Saudi Arabia, though very unwittingly, may actually happen thereby to be the ultimate salvagers of human rights in general.

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