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Alt Left: Why Trump’s Border Wall Is Stupid

Posted on the 05 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

I can’t believe this clown has shut down the government for three weeks now over this nonsense.

The whole argument over the wall is insane for this simple reason: We already have a fence or wall along most of the border! Look at a map. Most of the border with California, Arizona, and New Mexico already has a damned fence alongside it! This idiot Trump is going to tear down the existing fence and put up a new one for no good reason. He says he wants a wall of iron slats. Guess what form the existing wall takes? It’s an iron slat wall!

Is the existing wall unbreachable? Of course not. The illegal immigrants simply climb the wall and then jump or rope down on the other side. What will they do with Trump’s idiot fence or wall? Same thing. They will climb the damned wall or fence and then rope or jump down on the other side!

The border in Texas is the Rio Grande River, and much of it is wilderness. No wall or fence should be put up in the wilderness where this river runs.

We don’t need a damned border wall because we’ve already got one!

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