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Trump’s Border Wall and Israel’s Apartheid Wall: How America Is Israel and Vice Versa

Posted on the 06 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Another great comment by Francis Miville. America and Israel as mirror reflections of each other.

Francis Miville: Trump is not that stupid: he rather capitalizes on stupid as the gist of capitalism is making greater great at the lesser’s expense, not only in material goods but spiritual even the more. Trump is selling (at a very hefty price) the wall to American yokels in perfect knowledge of the purely placebo effectiveness of what he sells to them. His supporters in return get from Trump ever more degradation of their existence into feudal conditions.

He is also building the wall in homage to the Israeli West Bank settlers who just built one Trump would like to benefit financially from their expertise. Will it or not, the deepest American soul is but Israel and has been so since the earliest days of the Republic when it replaced allegiance to the king of England with one to the then-mythical kings of the Old Testament.

Building a wall is of no positive effect whatsoever as for defense against illegals, invaders and terrorists, as Trump himself is among those who help these people come in. In the case of the illegals, they come in as slave manpower and also as parallel guardian and collecting agent forces for the elite’s own enterprises.

This is also true, alas, for Israel, as a great part of the Palestinian problem at Palestinian elite level (not the common people) has ended up being structured on purpose so as to justify ever more stringently needed American aid. In other words, problems are deliberately created in order create the need for more US aid to Israel.

For Trump to build a wall along the Rio Grande is first and foremost a sign of allegiance to the wall-builders of the West Bank along River Jordan. It’s like having America’s own police force trained in Israel or importing expertise in repression from the occupiers of Palestine.

The only remedy would be a second Civil War leading to a second more encompassing abolition of slavery. The problem is that there has been a growing refusal and purposeful neglect from the American elites to consider the South as the malevolent defeated entity it is and which should be perpetually reminded it is, like the Nazis in Europe. Now the Southern party has the upper hand again, and if let loose any further will reestablish slavery pure and simple.

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