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Kobe Bryant is Defending Lamar Odom -- Surprise, Surprise!

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Kobe Bryant is Defending Lamar Odom -- Surprise, Surprise!

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- Troy Ballard

It's never easy to play an old teammate, but Kobe Bryant has been forced to do it plenty of times throughout his career, and he's generally not as sympathetic as some would expect, but interestingly enough -- he is with Lamar Odom.
Bryant's resurgent Lakers traveled to Dallas to play the Mavericks, and during the game, fans booed Odom consistently and ruthlessly. Since being traded from Los Angeles, Odom has been almost entirely ineffective, and the fan base is letting him know.
Don't worry Lamar, at least Kobe won't boo you.
After winning the game, Bryant, who is no stranger to being bashed in every city other than Los Angeles, called the booing of Odom 'stupidity.'
Of course, there is no love lost between Bryant and the Mavs', who swept the Lakers out of the playoffs last season, and the fan base isn't going to get any favors from the Mamba, either. But interestingly enough, Bryant took the high road and defended his ex-teammate, who is still having trouble adjusting to post-Los Angeles life.
After the game, Bryant had a heart to heart with Odom in the center of the court. When asked what the conversation was about by the media, Bryant snapped at the reporter, claiming that it was 'none of their business.'
Bryant, who has generally been cold and deflective towards ex-teammates, has a soft spot for Odom. Whatever the reason, Bryant is feeling sympathy for him, and the boos heard in American Airlines Arena just amplified his need to make a statement.
It's tough to imagine. I didn't think that the Mamba had emotions on the court. Or really, anywhere near the court. He has focus. But with Odom receiving that chorus of boos, it broke through that cold and tough barrier Bryant has had his entire career.
Good news, it didn't affect his play on the court -- Bryant finished the game against the Mavs' with 30 points.
This emotional side of him is hardly ever in the open, and Odom has to be appreciating that Bryant is willing to defend him. After all, because when the Mamba says something is stupid -- it's stupid.
Listen up, Dallas fans.
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