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Knox Brown ‘Harry’s Code’

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Thatswhatsheheard @sheheardblog

Knox BrownKnox Brown, better known for his work with Wretch 32 as a music producer is also a recording artist. His debut single, ‘Harry’s Code’ is an enthralling piece of music. The very first thing that hit me about this was its oldschool feel. I’m a tad partial to a bit of oldschool music and found its plaintive vocals reminiscent of the Negro spirituals of old. That laid bare vocal sound cannot help but tug on the heartstrings. The harmonies used aren’t overbearing, as bv’s can sometimes be. Rather they help to accentuate the lead vocals and at no point are you drawn away from the singer’s voice.

By keeping the instrumentation at the back, it draws the vocals into the foreground. And even with the vocals at the fore, the focus isn’t on how good the voice is, nor is it even on the melody. Rather, it’s on the emotions it draws on. This is what helps to create an image in my mind. I closed my eyes and was dragged to a time I never knew and never experienced. The reggae bassline helps to take this old emotional expression and drag it right into the present day. I can just as easily see this song as an a capella piece. Knox’s vocals are strong, emotive vocals would easily hold it thus. As a fan of the music of James Brown, Otis Redding and much of that period, I knew not of Knox Brown before today. He’s currently in LA working on new recordings. I will be awaiting his new work.

Verdict: I absolutely love this.


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