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Knitting and Crochet Inspiration an Alternative Sky Blanket

By Angela @daisyangel1
I enjoy a challenge and learning something new, and have created a few knitting and crochet projects over the last twelve months. I see such inspirational photographs on my social media feeds, I was quite taken with all the Sky Blankets I came across a few months ago. But did not come across this form of knitting challenge until it was too late.  I long to create something that I can admire with pride and enjoy year after year. 

Picnic Throw - photo credit

Knitted Picnic Throw - photo credit

What is a Sky Blanket? 
A Sky Blanket is a knitting or crochet challenge that lasts a year, each day you knit a square matching the color of the sky at mid day. You will end up with a selection of colours ranging from dark grey, white to bright blue. At the end of the year all the squares are sewn together to create one unique blanket or throw. 

My alternative: a Garden Blanket

I like the idea of creating an alternative sky blanket, a Garden Blanket. Whereby I use a color from my garden to knit that day to create a unique blanket. A blend of greens, yellows, and the colours of different flowers blooming in the year. I know you are thinking how drab the colours would be come winter, but I think it would also work to make you think about planting something new in your garden. I appreciate that a little planning is required when it comes to having a range of coloured knitting wool at hand each day to create a Garden Blanket. You want the colours to compliment each other, maybe interpret it using shades of pastels for each days chosen color. 
Pastel Shades for a Garden Throw

Pastel Shades for a Garden Throw 

Here is how I envisage it completed. Think a few years ahead... it is a warm summers day, flowers in full bloom in the garden, and there I am under the huge Copper Beech tree sitting on my wonderful knitted Garden Blanket the perfect throw that can be used as a picnic blanket  in beautiful pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue sipping a cup of tea and eating cake. The reality is I would probably need ten minutes and hand to get up and I possibly would not allow anyone else to sit on it. Admire it yes, but let someone else sit on my handmade blanket, well we would have to see :)

I can not promise that my aspirations will live up to the reality, and it maybe that I require a little help along the way, so knitting friends be warned and be armed with patience too. But I think I may have just talked myself into next years big crafting challenge to create a Garden Blanket. What do you think? Is it doable? Or would I be better to chose a kit blanket, where all instructions and yarns are supplied like the gorgeous Cedar River Blanket in the top photo.

Have you created a knitted or crocheted throw? Would love to hear any tips or ideas you have.

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