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Kim Jong Un – The “Morning Star King” Rules Over North Korea

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

North Korea Kim Jong Il The Military Card

So North Korea has a new supreme leader in the form of young, inexperienced Kim Jong Un. Immediately astrologers around the world would have been scouring the internet for any information on when this young man was born. We do have a clue from his mother. In the BBC today, it is reported that his mother called him the “Morning Star King”. All reports have said that he was born on 8th of January in 1983 or 1984. Surely the morning star must have been either Mercury or Venus rising above the horizon at the time of his birth? Now in 1983 on 8th January, both these planets were well below the horizon line, but in 1984 Venus rose just after 05.00am and Mercury hit the horizon line at 07.00am. For sure then this lad must have been born in 1984, and for Venus to rise up high enough in the sky for it to be seen, it must have been between 06.30 and around 07.30am. So what time? He will have either a Sagittarian or Capricorn Ascendant and for someone propelled into a position of authority so quickly, a Capricorn ascendant seems far more likely. His demeanour seems very business like and serious (favouring Capricorn) and we have one other pointer, the colours he seems to favour. To my knowledge, he has only ever been seen, before and after his father’s death, in black attire which to me signifies Capricorn all day long.

KimJongUn natal

Kim Jong Un then I assume was born on 8th January 1984 in Pyongyang making him 27 years of age. I am taking 07.15 as a birth time, as at the time of writing, he was proclaimed supreme leader and head of the North Korean army. Transiting Saturn was today bang on his Libran Midheaven conjunct to Mars which signified a highlight time in his life and authority (Saturn) over military forces (Mars). He has a Capricorn Sun and I assume Ascendant and a rather emotional Pisces Moon.

Kim has all his planets in the Eastern hemisphere of the chart, so he is very self-orientated and will not think of others in any great terms. He has 4 planets in fire, so is quite enthusiastic and 5 in mutable signs so is flexible and can change his view and position depending on the situation. The Sun Moon combination shows an interesting mix of ambition and an awareness and the world around him. I think this man does have a soft side (shown by the tears at his father’s funeral) and a helpfulness about him. Often responsibilities are take on early with this combination, as has been shown in the past couple of weeks, but he is liable to being influenced into unwise actions by those more senior around him. The Moon sits in the second house, a place which takes on connotations of personal service to the public. His Sun is in the first, so as time goes on, he will become very much his own man.

I am really interested in this Piscean Moon, as it extends a humanitarian compassion that is hard to resist. People with such a position cannot bare to see suffering, and if I am right, then could Kim (in time) have the welfare of the North Korean population actually at heart? Will he be allowed to show this compassion at all, or will he have to prove himself first showing some authoritarian action, before that compassionate side of his personality can be released, and to whom?  The fear I have is that because he is soft hearted, he will become a puppet leader with the military and influential people behind the scenes calling all the shots and he will be conditioned to forget the suffering ordinary population outside of Pyongyang. These early years as North Korean leader will be crucial to his development. This charitable side is enhanced by Jupiter and Neptune together (probably) in the 12th house. Here is a very generous side to the man, and an identification with service and suffering. Neptune here also is very receptive and creative being conjunct to Mercury. Kim may well have a very artistic side to his character, appreciating music, writing and art. Mercury conjunct to the ascendant shows a high intellect and the information that he speaks English and German rather confirms this placing. There is a spiritual side to him too, however I suspect for now at least, all of these talents and loves will be locked away, hidden from prying eyes behind the thick concrete palace walls in Pyongyang, as is suggested by the 12th house positioning. Maybe just maybe as he gets older he will mellow, and that softer side will spread out to his public image. There is a multi sextile between these 3 planets and his Ascendant to his Midheaven, a link that shows that may open out later on in a more public way. One can hope at least…

Kim’s Venus and Uranus sit together in the 11th house of friends and groups and associations in Sagittarius. This placing also interests me as Uranus suggest independence, unusual or eccentric acquaintances. Uranus innovates and changes. Will Kim in time change the party regime in North Korea? Kim will be surprisingly sociable with Venus in Sagittarius and friends will be important to him, yet he may be quite repressed romantically. The rulers of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are all under tension, showing that his upbringing was severely restricted, he has issues with his parents and his self confidence and esteem is quite low. Venus square to the Moon doesn’t really know what it wants emotionally and can lead to weight gain if these needs are not satisfied, as one uses food to comfort yourself.

I move onto the 10th house where the tone changes dramatically. Here we find Saturn in it’s rightful place to rule in ruthless Scorpio sextile to Kim’s Sun. Saturn here is dutiful and will trample all over people below him as well as being ultra secretive. This man could turn out to be a very useful poker player, and as such a fearsome enemy who’s moves you could never read. Good luck to the US and other world intelligence services trying to second guess what Kim may do.  Also here is a very, very determined, and possibly vicious Mars Pluto conjunction connected to his Midheaven. The position of Pluto in Scorpio shows the absolute control he has inherited including nuclear (Pluto) capability and Mars at the Midheaven shows the military at his disposal. How will he use this vast stock of energy and power at his disposal? We will see as he react to his first difficult set of transits as supreme leader.

KimJongUn transits

He took control of North Korea as several indicators heralded a change in his life. We have transiting Saturn as I said at his Midheaven and conjunct to Mars. Transiting Pluto in the past months had been hanging around his ascendant, showing a dramatic change in his life from being in the shadows to coming out into the light. He assumed power as transiting Jupiter opposed the Midheaven and Mars, and the transiting Nodes had done an exact half return transition around the chart, signifying a time when one does grow up and change, accepting new challenges in the process. In the Summer 2012, transiting Mars enters Libra and Scorpio and passes over his Mars, Pluto and Saturn, just as Saturn makes it’s final pass over his Midheaven. If ever he is going to show his hand as leader, now may be the time as Mars initiates action. Watch out North Korea and their actions especially at the end of August, as Mars conjuncts the natal North Korean Mars as well as Kim’s natal Pluto!!

If my assumption about his birthday and time is right, then Kim is a weird mix of aimlessness, compassion, sympathy, ambition, authority and ruthlessness. It reflects the Capricorn ascendant that can be supremely confident one minute, then shaking like a leaf with fear the next. It may well be that the compassion he shows will just be to those nearest and dearest to him, however be in no doubt, this young man has steel at his centre, is calculating and in truth that Mars Pluto connect the Midheaven scares me to hell especially being sextile to expansive, international Jupiter. The “Morning Star King” should not be taken lightly.

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