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Kiko Pangilinan’s Full Caravan Video by Gab Valenciano

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

There is I believe a uniquely small handful of people in the world with the energy, tenacity, and talent for massive impact video craft (the sort that makes you think there's an entire fleet of cameramen doing it) and one of those people is my cousin, Gabriel Valenciano, who was only assisted in shooting by one good friend, David Lamar. Our very own expressive wild one has certainly outdone himself on this piece which he flew home for.


This is his full serving of the Kiko Pangilinan Caravan campaign video, featuring destinations like Iloilo, Cebu, Bohol, Naga, and Legaspi as well as special moments from Tito Kiko Pangilinan's 20th anniversary dinner with Tita Sharon and the rest of the Pangilinan family. Read on for the YouTube and Facebook embedded links and videos.

The second video below is a Facebook embed (the first is YouTube which is better detected by mobile devices) so feel free to like it, or share this FB link. If you prefer a YouTube link to the same video here is one as well. If you are a blogger you can also embed this Facebook video on your own site by going straight to the post on the Kiko Pangilinan FB Page here >> (FOR Facebook EMBEDDING: click the arrow in the upper right corner of the video post here, see more options, and click embed to receive the code, if you also tick the "Include full post" it will also include the full caption below the video).

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