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Kids’ Birthday Party With No Added Sugar

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


Can you have a birthday party with no added sugar for kids? Without the soda and candy?

My daughter turned two recently, and we threw a birthday party. You can see the cake above, but what’s inside it?

Cake Opening




The cake consisted of a watermelon (a large melon shaped as a cake) and a layer of whipped cream, and berries on top and around the base. That’s all.

Of course, there’s sugar in a watermelon, but in a limited child-friendly amount with natural fibers. Moreover, unlike most cakes, it’s completely free of additives and gluten.

The cake was much appreciated by adults and children alike. For example, one of the kids talked about it all week.


Before the Cake

Before the cake we served a buffet with food for all.


The buffet included skewers with sausages and meatballs. There were also grilled corn on the cob, spicier sausages (for adults), carrot sticks and various colors of bell pepper slices, artichoke hearts, olives and a variety of dipping sauces. To go with this, the kids had water, satisfied as far as I could see.

Due to a shortage of seating in children’s sizes, we made it into a picnic on the floor:


Goodie Bags

After food and cake it was time for the, in Sweden, traditional game of fishing for goodie bags. After all the eating, we had “only” toys in the goodie bags. Fake tattoos (very popular), a bouncy ball and a small wind-up swimming bath-tub fish (surprisingly popular too).


So, how was this kids’ party, lacking candy, sodas and cookies, received? No objections. Our friends of course know which family they’re visiting, so no adult would likely have been surprised. On the contrary, some would probably have been disappointed had they not been served something like this.

More interesting was that not a single child (as far as I know) complained. They all seemed perfectly happy. In addition, there wasn’t any fighting, and they were all playing happily.

In summary, a clear success. Now, let’s see if things go as well with three-year-olds next year!

Do you have any experience with kids’ parties with no added sugar?


No, kids don’t need added sugar to be full of energy and play. Dad and daughter:

Photo: Monika Dart

Photo: Monica Dart

Photo: Monika Dart

Photo: Monica Dart


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