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Keto News Highlights: Metabolome, the FoodHub and Big Sugar

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Keto news highlights: Metabolome, the FoodHub and Big Sugar

This week, we summarize the top five news articles and studies in the low-carb realm, plus the wall of shame.

  1. A new study, published in Cell Metabolism, looks at the "metabolome" - a collection of metabolic markers in blood - and finds that it is more powerful than weight for predicting future metabolic health. "Normal weight individuals with an unhealthy metabolome 'had a 50% greater chance of becoming obese over the next ten years and had a 200-400% increased risk of heart disease' [than those with a healthy metabolome]. They also found that overweight individuals with normal metabolome blood tests were at a much lower risk for insulin resistance and heart disease."
  2. A new Mendelian randomization study of half a million UK residents suggests elevated BMI is likely to be a causal contributor to elevated mortality. Results show that each 5 point BMI increase is associated with a 16% increase in all-cause mortality and a 61% increase in CVD mortality. The University of Bristol study was published in Obesity.
  3. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) launches an elaborate-yet-misguided FoodHub with recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists. A Sweet Life provides a thoughtful critique of the ADA's "everything in moderation, with a variety of carb levels" approach. On a related note, Diana Rodgers asks, "Why won't we tell diabetics the truth?"
  4. Medscape reports on a new Finnish study, published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, that found patients with diabetes show higher rates of suicide and alcohol-related deaths. Hazard ratio for alcohol-related deaths for insulin-dependent patients is especially elevated: 6.9 X for men, 10.6 X for women.
  5. Britain's National Health Service (NHS) reports that each week, over 500 patients with diabetes die due to poor management of their disease. These deaths are largely avoidable and often result from diabetic complications such as heart disease, stroke, and amputations. Low-carb diets have been shown to improve or reverse type 2 diabetes, improving blood sugar control and minimizing complications.

Wall of shame

  • Talk about unwelcome influence... Big Sugar exhibits at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo put on by the Academy of Nutrition and Diatetics (RD Association), representing refined sugar as "Farm to table." Beyond disingenuous.
  • In a show of good corporate citizenship, Kellogg's gives a nod to inclusivity with "All Together," which, unfortunately, is a mash-up of its many terrible empty calorie cereals.
  • General Mills brings back Sugar cookie toast crunch, just in time for the holidays. Because terrible products never go out of style.
  • The New York Times reports that food-themed pop-up museums are having a moment. Candytopia... The hall of breakfast... Museum of ice cream.... The pizza experience...
  • Bloomberg reports that even our crash-test dummies are putting on weight.

Want more?

Can this Israeli start-up remove most of the sugar from your fruit juice? Who buys the most fast food - the poor or the rich? Is it true that fit people live longer?

Tune in next week!


This news gathering is from our collaborator Jennifer Calihan, who also blogs at Eat the Butter. Feel free to check out the keto meal-idea-generator on her site.

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