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Keto Grilled Veggie Plate

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

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Broccoli and cauliflower gratin with sausageBroccoli and cauliflower gratin with sausage12 gModerate low carb76% Fat14% Protein10% Carbs12 g carbs / serving1,742Keto pizzaKeto pizza8 gKetogenic low carb76% Fat20% Protein3% Carbs8 g carbs / serving4,833Butter-fried green cabbageButter-fried green cabbage6 gLiberal low carb83% Fat5% Protein12% Carbs6 g carbs / serving2,190Browned butter cauliflower mashBrowned butter cauliflower mash10 gModerate low carb83% Fat10% Protein7% Carbs10 g carbs / serving306Keto BLT with oopsie breadKeto BLT with oopsie bread4 gKetogenic low carb88% Fat9% Protein3% Carbs4 g carbs / serving5,889Keto pancakes with berries and whipped creamKeto pancakes with berries and whipped cream5 gKetogenic low carb83% Fat12% Protein4% Carbs5 g carbs / serving4,378Rutabaga curlsRutabaga curls11 gLiberal low carb75% Fat4% Protein21% Carbs11 g carbs / serving88Herb butterHerb butter1 gKetogenic low carb97% Fat1% Protein2% Carbs1 g carbs / serving645Keto stuffed mushroomsKeto stuffed mushrooms5 gKetogenic low carb86% Fat10% Protein4% Carbs5 g carbs / serving802Keto garlic breadKeto garlic bread1 gKetogenic low carb88% Fat9% Protein3% Carbs1 g carbs / serving( one piece )2,564Oven-roasted Brussels sprouts with parmesan cheeseOven-roasted Brussels sprouts with parmesan cheese8 gLiberal low carb63% Fat22% Protein15% Carbs8 g carbs / serving315Keto chicken Garam masalaKeto chicken Garam masala5 gKetogenic low carb74% Fat24% Protein3% Carbs5 g carbs / serving1,477Keto quesadillasKeto quesadillas5 gKetogenic low carb78% Fat18% Protein4% Carbs5 g carbs / serving1,318Keto cheese chipsKeto cheese chips2 gKetogenic low carb74% Fat23% Protein3% Carbs2 g carbs / serving( three pieces )904Oven-baked rutabaga wedgesOven-baked rutabaga wedges7 gLiberal low carb79% Fat3% Protein18% Carbs7 g carbs / serving245Broccoli and cauliflower in cheeseBroccoli and cauliflower in cheese9 gLiberal low carb72% Fat18% Protein11% Carbs9 g carbs / serving1,052Classic bacon and eggsClassic bacon and eggs1 gKetogenic low carb76% Fat23% Protein2% Carbs1 g carbs / serving4,127Keto pimiento cheese meat ballsKeto pimiento cheese meat balls1 gKetogenic low carb73% Fat26% Protein1% Carbs1 g carbs / serving978Keto blue-cheese dressingKeto blue-cheese dressing3 gKetogenic low carb84% Fat13% Protein3% Carbs3 g carbs / serving1,408Keto Mexican scrambled eggsKeto Mexican scrambled eggs2 gKetogenic low carb72% Fat24% Protein3% Carbs2 g carbs / serving744Keto tartar sauceKeto tartar sauce1 gKetogenic low carb98% Fat1% Protein1% Carbs1 g carbs / serving32

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