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Kegel Exercise Weights - Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

By Hannah Staveley
Kegel Exercise Weights - Strengthen Your Pelvic FloorDisclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been given some items for free  in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

Kegel weights were originally known as the Kegel perineometer, which is an instrument for measuring the strength of voluntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscle. They were invented in the 1940’s by American gynaecologist Arnold Kegel, however they have recently gained popularity and are now a popular method to improving pelvic floor strength.

Did you know one in three women suffer from a pelvic floor disorder?
Pelvic floor muscles are essential for controlling the bladder and bowl’s actions, preservation of vaginal strength and having a healthy pregnancy and are therefore suitable for women of all ages, aspiring mothers, new mothers and women who are pre and post menopause.
Why would I need to use kegel weights?
Kegel weights are beneficial for urinary and faecal incontinence, and will help prevent accidents when sneezing, laughing and coughing during exercise. These kegel weights come highly recommended by physicians and physical therapists as they are the best non-drug treatment for urinary and mild incontinence.
How do kegel weights work?
Kegel Pelvic Exercise Weights are generally more effective than other forms of pelvic exercise because when you’re using you can’t do anything but exercise all the necessary pelvic muscles. The exercises are also more effective and enjoyable than other strengthening exercises as you don’t have to physically ‘crunch’ your pelvic floor muscles.

Just like any other muscle in the body, making them stronger requires repetition. The JD Harris pelvic floor weights comes in six sizes ranging from 25g to 95g, and we recommend practicing with them initially for two minutes, steadily increasing in time and weight until you can comfortably hold the heaviest weight for 15 minutes.

Kegel Exercise Weights - Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Kegel Exercise Weights - Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Having two kids its not been easy on my body and especially my pelvic floor,I am not ashamed to say its not been the same since my two kids.

At first did think of going to the doctors due to the fact when I was ill it seemed to be worse and coughing had to cross my legs :(

But when this opportunity came to try these Pelvic weights I did thing "yes please"

I have now been using the Kegel weights for around 4 weeks now,below are how to use... 

A toned pelvic floor has a number of benefits. And Kegel Pelvic Exercise weights are the easiest way to tone up your pelvic floor

You should expect this training programme to take 1-2 months of consistent participation to achieve significant results which may include reduced urine leakage and improved sexual pleasure. Please remember to discuss issues of incontinence with your doctor before beginning a training programme with Kegel Exercise Weights. Some forms of incontinence may not be improved by a strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.
Daily Exercise Programme
Kegel weights are color coded and work progressively: when a weight is inserted and it requires no or very little effort to keep it inside for 10-15 minutes, the next higher color coded weight can be used for the next exercise session.

How to insert Kegel Exercise Weights
With one leg elevated on a chair or toilet or semi reclined position start out by grasping the lightest weight where the cord meets the rest of the plastic shell.

Push the weight gently into your vagina with only the cord remaining on the outside. If the weight pushes down onto your finger, you are probably using your abdominal muscles instead of your pelvic floor muscles.Tighten your pelvic floor muscles (they may naturally tighten slightly around the weight) If you are using the correct muscles you may notice the weight pull away from your fingers as it is drawn into the vagina.If you are not already standing, stand up. If you can retain the lightest weight while walking around for 2 minutes then move to the next higher weight. Continue increasing weights until you find that you can not retain the weight you are using for 2 minutes while walking around. Use the weight that is one weight lighter than the one you can not retain for 2 minutes. That will be your starting point. If you can not hold the lightest weight for 2 minutes while walking, this will still have to be your starting weight.Once your starting weight is established, you should aim to increase the time you are able to keep the cone in place. Try to reach the maximum of 15 minutes two times a day. Once you can retain your weight for that amount of time move on to the next heavier weight.

You may want to try doing things to make it harder to hold your weight in while exercising with your weights. See if you can hold the weight inside while you climb stairs or cough 2-3 times.

Wear underwear to catch the weight if it falls out.

How to clean you Kegel Exercise Weights
Each vaginal weight you use should be cleaned before and after use. Cleaning with warm soapy water is sufficient. Rinse the weight thoroughly. Examine the weight closely for any sign of cracks while cleaning. If there is a crack in your weight you can request a replacement within one year of purchase by contacting us.Muscle Maintenance

Completing 3-5 fifteen minute sessions per week should maintain your pelvic floor strength after you have progressed through the set.

Please ensure that the cone you are using is not damaged or cracked before using it. Do not expose your Kegel Exercise Weights to extreme temperatures. Do not share your Kegel Exercise Weights with anyone else to prevent any possibility of disease transmission between individuals.
Side Effects & Complications
Muscle soreness or tiredness after use, especially when first starting your exercise program is to be expected. The amount of discomfort should decrease as you continue to use your Kegel Exercise Weights. If you notice severe pelvic pain, severe vaginal, vaginal irritation, inflammation or infection please discontinue the use of Kegel Exercise Weights. Most problems of this nature will be avoided simply by keeping your Kegel Exercise Weights clean per the cleaning guidelines and not overdoing your exercise programme when you first start.
A Few Things Not to Do
Do not use Kegel Exercise Weights while you have any other medical devices inserted in your vagina. Examples would be diaphragms and tampons.

Do not use Kegel Exercise Weights if you have given birth in the last six weeks, have had recent vaginal or pelvic surgery, or have not consulted your physician regarding this product use after having given birth or having had pelvic or vaginal surgery.Do not use Kegel Exercise Weights if you have been diagnosed with a significant uterine prolapse, uterine cancer, PID, sexually transmitted disease, chronic vaginal infections, or have an implanted IUD.Do not use Kegel Exercise Weights during, or just after sexual intercourse, during menstruation, or during pregnancy.

Three things to Remember
Keep your weights clean.Don’t use your weights for more than 15 minutes two times a day.                                    Empty your bowel and bladder prior to use.

Kegel Exercise Weights - Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

At first did find it a little odd putting the weights in and did get my husband to help me first time yes I know I know lol, but that worked for me.
You do need time so do suggest if you have kids to get them to bed first,you do need to be relaxed and in the right frame of might to get started but once you have done this you soon get into a routine.

My pelvic floor was terribly weak before starting the Kegel weights and now around 4 weeks or so on finding some improvements which is a fantastic start.
Do think its a long term exercise routine and you should not give in if you don't see any results in a few weeks as you do need to give it time.Not had any discomfort with the weights only tightening feelings due to my pelvic floor trying to strengthen.
I am very happy to carry on using them
Very easy to clean and handy case to store away.
If you give it time and be patient you will feel a experience a huge difference.   
Kegel giving back feminine control and strength with dignity and ease.

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Kegel Exercise Weights - Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

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