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Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner Review + Swatches

By Bria

I love the Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liners, I have literally all but one shade in Satellite the bright blue one which I'm sure I'll acquire at some point in the future. These liners are waterproof, creamy, pigmented and skip-free... so, basically perfect. Possibly one of my favorite things about them are their dual use as being freaking amazing eyeliners. They stay put in my watery eyes easily and that rarely happens for me but even more impressive for me is that fact that it doesn't irritate my eyes either, I have rather sensitive eyes and liners I've tried in the past cause my eyes to become a red and gooey mess of a situation of which I would prefer to avoid.

These days I can't seem to complete a look without using at least one of the Everlasting Lip Liners, they are without a doubt a part of my core makeup must haves and if for any insane reason Kat Von D Beauty stopped production on these or changed the formula I just don't know what I'd do without them.

My favorite nude shades are Crucifix, Hawkwind and D-minor. Crucifix is a rich dark brown, while Hawkwind is more of a deep brown-rose, and D-minor is described by Kat Von D beauty as being a warm almond, that description makes me laugh but I also will not dispute it, I see it as a light brown with a veil of peachy/pink to it. Even though its currently at the tail end of Fall and we are going into Winter where dark lips are everywhere, I've really been enjoying the natural nude look I get from D-minor.

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