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Kanye's Jump off Kisses and Tells

Posted on the 12 June 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Kanye West is known world wide for his arrogance, unpredictability, and pure music genius. Now Mr. West is being labeled once again; Cheater! It is being reported that Kanye West has allegedly been having an affair with 'model' Leyla Ghobadi while an unsuspecting Kim K. Is pregnant. Ghobadi assures the public via twitter that she is not doing this for publicity but as soon as the story was released she immediately made a Twitter account to which I am her first follower. I offered Ms. Ghobadi an interview to which I received no response which tells me it isn't about letting Kim K. Know how her baby daddy is dogging her, but wanting to capitalize off of the situation. Instead of running to the media, why not contact Ki directly? Or how about respecting yourself and not sleeping with a man that is in a relationship with a pregnant woman. It seems to me Ms. Ghobadi believes she will be next in line if Kim and Kanye splits but I highly doubt it. I see no further trysts in their future since she decided to go about it this way and I definitely believe that this is just for the fame although she stated the contrary in her very first tweet. I don't believe you, you need more people. Since when has hard work and dedication not a factor when climbing that celebrity ladder of success? Seems if you sleep with certain people and throw all of your business to the streets, BAM! Instant celebrity! This way to fame works for some and fails for most and this was definitely a fail move. She also states Kanye contacted her a week ago for another 'tryst' behind Kim's back.
This ha been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.
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The People's Views:
Chi Soulstar
i mean it wouldnt go with the album theme so noope, i think its one of his hoes tryna get on before that album drop, i mean hi girl is a tabloid queen any other woman ppl will just over look
@LeylaGhobadi @Elle_Sweetest I dare you to prove it!! Pictures ,SMS ....
@LeylaGhobadi @Elle_Sweetest why did not you tell then the time you hooked up ..that time you were not concerned about Kim ? Huh? #famewhore
@LeylaGhobadi @Elle_Sweetest Pictures or it didn't happen
Kanye's jump off Kisses and Tells
Kanye's jump off Kisses and Tells
Kanye's jump off Kisses and Tells
Kanye's jump off Kisses and Tells

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