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Justin Bieber – Accused of Fathering Illegitimate Child After a Backstage Fling.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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This is an interesting one. The teenage pop star Justin Beiber has been accused by a woman, 20 year old Mariah Yeater of fathering her child after an alleged fling backstage at one of his Los Angeles concerts, and now her lawyers are insisting on him taking a paternity test. This story could get rather messy, as lawyers for Beiber say that if he does take a test and the results come out negative, then the pop star could sue her for defaming his name.

JustinBieber transits

Ok what have we got. Well the big ones for me here are transiting Mars and Neptune. Transiting Mars is opposing natal Mars and Mercury. Mars is operating out of the ninth house, so this is a story about actions taken abroad and of legal affairs surrounding them. Natal Mars and Mercury are in the 3rd house of information, so the press are heavily involved in the story. Mars also squares Bieber’s 12th house Pluto as well as the Nodal axis, the maternal axis.

From the other side of the chart in the 3rd house we have transiting Neptune making the same square aspects as Mars. Look at the signs rules by the planets. Mars (Aries) rules the 5th house of affairs and also of children. Mercury through Virgo rules Justin’s Midheaven, his public profile and also through Gemini affects the 7th house of permanent partnerships. Gemini is intercepted in the 7th. Pluto sits in the 12th house of things behind the scenes, and Scorpio not only rules his 12th house of suffering and service but also his ascendant. Pluto and Scorpio of course are associated with sexual activity and secret acts. How appropriate is this showing a backstage affair?? Neptune is always the planet involved when a swirl of uncertainty comes over an issue, and rules the 4th house where women’s issues can be found.

If this wasn’t enough we find transiting Saturn hitting Beiber’s Moon, so emotional difficulties with women, Cancer is on the cusp of the 8th house of sexual relations and Saturn’s sign Capricorn sits on the cusp of Beiber’s 2nd house of money. Saturn is also square to Uranus and Neptune also sitting in this second house, causing confusion and unexpected problems coming to the surface.

Finally to top all these nasty transits off, transiting Venus and Mercury are currently moving through his 1st house of personal affairs square to Beiber’s Saturn which shows difficulty over affairs of the heart and accusations against him, probably these influences began the whole situation and set things rolling. The minor planets as they whizz around the chart in most cases do seem to start things off, and then the outer planets take up the strain.

There is enough astrological evidence here to certainly highlight everything that this case is showing in the press. The burning question is, did he do it? Obviously, one would have to look at the transits on the night in question, information I do not have to hand right now, however the Mercury connection interests me especially as Mercury does rule Beiber’s Midheaven and affects his 7th house. Surely the permanent partner aspect of this 7th house, and the fact that the two planets setting off this all, Venus and Mercury both affect this house through Gemini and Taurus. This double connection does lead me to suspect that there may be some credibility to this girl’s claims. As they say, no smoke without fire… 

If you want to see more on Justin Beiber, please follow this link where I did a full analysis on his natal chart.

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