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"Just Ginger"....Boyfriend Jacket

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
I found this cute grey jacket a few weeks ago in TJ Maxx and found myself wanting to wear it every time I went out! It's by a company called Just Ginger. I have to be honest, I think it's a junior item (don't laugh) but because I'm petite, it works! I'm not sure though because I couldn't find a website for the company so who knows...
It's 3/4 sleeves with 4 buttons on the elbow & 1 button in front.
I've always loved the drama that comes with a tailcoat so I like that this jacket has it's tail placed placed in the front, b/c it causes a slimming effect when it's buttoned. It didn't look like much on the hanger but when I tried it on, I noticed it hugged my curves and really formed a nice silhouette! Who doesn't want to look slimmer instantly? Lol!
The other thing that got me was the fabric! When I put it on it felt so soft and snug. I'm very sensitive to textiles and I can only wear things that feel AND look nice. That goes for apparel, shoes and makeup. Textures are very important to me because they determine your comfort level while in use. It's 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex so it has a little stretch to it.
I don't like, and I'm sure you will agree, stifling materials. I can't feel like I'm in corset all the time so from my clothes to my shoes, I like flexibility!
I love little jackets like this because it's an added piece without looking over done. You won't look silly if you go out and leave it on the whole night b/c it can either be used as outerwear or part of your ensemble ( by the way, I love the word "ensemble" and how it rolls off the tongue. That and it reminds me of one of my favorite Divas, Mariah)
I like to pair this with my skinny jeans/leggings, a tank top (either dressy or casual) and heels. I can wear this a million different ways and with flats, heels, sneakers or boots. Because the jacket is waist length I would also wear it with a skirt or even better, shorts (dressy or casual denim)!
If it were made with finer material, I'd say this would look amazing over a strapless, poofy, cinched at the waist, wedding style gown, maybe with a bow tie (I love bow ties!!! More of that to come later) and a Top Hat! I'm on a fashion roll today...haha!
Stores like TJ Maxx & Marshall's are so great b/c even though it might require some rummaging, you can always find versatile pieces like this at rock bottom prices! The only thing you're compromising is the cost, not the quality. We know I love the finer things and some things are worth the splurge, like all my Gucci goodies! However, if I can pay a fraction of the retail cost for something, then I will. I'm actually a really savvy shopper thanks to all of our weekend shopping trips to Woodbury Commons and the outlets in New Jersey & Philly (Thanks Mom!!!)
So this jacket retailed for $40 and I paid $19.99. Not bad considering I saw something identical to it by Free Poeple for $128!! So knowing how much I liked the Grey one, when I saw it in Hot Pink and Navy Blue, I snatched them up quick! For $60 I now have 3 different color options to wear a versatile piece that fits and looks great!
The Grey has a black lining so I've worn it with dark denim, a black semi-dressy scarf, and black/grey tones. I did pair it with a dressy cream top and could incorporate color, like a Hot Pink or Purple to wake it up, but I don't mind keeping it in the Gun Metal family. I wore grey smokey eyes & pink lips with this look, but I'd also go natural with light makeup and nude gloss. The jacket is definitely more of a Fall, night time piece. I wouldn't wear this out in the day in the middle of summer, I'd clearly look ridiculous and probably start to sweat! Lol!
Shirt-Bilby & Moss ($9.99-on sale from $32)
Studded Leggings-H&M ($7-on sale from $20)

Layered Chain Necklace-Bloomingdale's ($30)
Multi Colored Chain Earrings- This random boutique was going out of business ($3 on Sale from $20)

Cream Studded Tank Top-H&M ($10 on sale from I forget what)
Studded Scarf-H&M (Couldn't have been more than $10)
Dark Denim Skinny Jeans-H&M ($9.99 on sale from $30)

Hot Pink, Drop Neck, Black Thick Strap, Tank Top-H&M ($5 on sale from $12.95)

The Hot Pink jacket has a navy blue lining and this screams Summer! It's definitely a fun, bright color so I plan on pairing this with my white, low waist, Arden B. sailor bell bottoms, white top, a few bangles(probably colored), Summery peep toe heels or wedges and a fun pink clutch. The jacket will definitely be the center piece so I'll keep my makeup light, but definitely a wet, pink gloss!
I'd also pair this w/dark (or light even) big cuffed, skinny jeans and killer heels! Again, endless options!
White Long Tank Top-H&M ($7)

Yellow Necklace-(Priceless-it belonged to my Great Grandma)
Jeans-(See Above)

White Studded Leather Bracelet-Bloomingdale's ($32)
Aqua Sparkle Hoop Earrings-Lexington Ave Street Fair (3 for $10 I also got a smaller pair in black & brown)
Green Necklace-Random Boutique in Manhattan, NY (2 for $20-I also got a Red one-See Below)

The Navy Blue has a green lining so this also feels like Summer to me. By default, I always want to pay tribute to a nautical motif by pairing Navy Blue with Red & White. So this is very "Country Club/Marina" style for me. I'm a huge fan of nautical stars & anchors so Red, White & Navy always take me to that look. I'd wear this with loose, (white or even the right khaki) Capri Linen Pants, with flats or these fab red & white striped Espadrilles I have.
I'd incorporate a red or yellow bangle (or even a better, a sailor bracelet) into this look b/c they'd both wear well with the green and blue in the jacket. I'd jazz it up but it's definitely a more subdued piece. I have to say though, this look definitely requires some Red Lipstick & Red Nail Polish (hands & toes)!!
The options are vast as well but I feel less inspired to experiment with it as I do the others. It represents a certain look and it sticks with me.
I know this jacket is the exact same thing as the other 2 but it seems more conservative, like very Martha's Vineyard so I'd keep it toned down.
I like diamond studs or pearls with this look, it gives it a real "Kennedy Clan" feel to it.
I would wear a colored striped tank or a pop of color wouldn't hurt but like I said, it represent something more demure.
Navy & White Striped Tank Top-H&M ($10)
Khaki & White Linen Cropped Pants-Random Store in Downtown Manhattan ($30 each)
Ann Taylor Red & White Lace Up Espadrilles (Gift from my Mom-Thanks Mom!!!)

Low Waist, Sailor Bell Pants-Arden B. ($88)

Multi Colored Striped Tank Top-I have no clue where I got this or how much it cost! Lol! (True story)

I wanted to point out a few things....
I like long tank tops because they're very form fitting. I personally like how they look peeking out from under the jacket. They also hug my derierre and hips nicely. Just saying...
As for the listed accessories, I wouldn't wear them all together, these are just options to spark different ideas.
I'd also pair the Grey with Slacks for a more professional look although it's more on the playful side, it's still a jacket.
As you can see you don't have to spend a fortune to look dashing! I only pay full price when it's a "Must Have On The Spot" item. I'm not usually an impulsive shopper with clothes & shoes because I have to try everything on first to make sure it fits perfectly.
Makeup and bags are another story entirely! I can product shop in one fell swoop! Lol!
I think it's interesting how color is so influential in putting together an outfit. 1 jacket, 3 different colors...endless options!
Keep it pretty!

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