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Just East of Rockford, I Paid the Last Toll on This Tollw...

By Myfilmproject09

Just east of Rockford, I paid the last toll on this tollway and I hear a commercial for Crysler  on the radio and to the right of me is a gigantic Crysler factory covering probably hundreds if acres.. It's like a mini-city, people getting off work too, it's 3:20 pm .Same time as when I was working at Chrysler and used  to get off at this time. Sign says this this the Belvedere   assemby  plant making Imperial , New New,, Fifth, Avenue and Dynasty.. My cousin Bob's  (or Uncle Nick's) Dynasty may have come from here. Idea of a car.'s home came home from my dad... cars are born in places, just like us. Restautsand watch the traffic pass under them. How's that for a car society pass under them. How's that for a car society, huh? interesting point - have very little thoughts of Toronto or people of the place I'm leaving  behind. Like a kid.on a trip.

Finally , about forty or fifty miles out of  Chicago, fields. Farmers, no more suburbs or busy freeways. Like I've passed a gate or something,as opposed Chas opposed Cargo is end of a lifestyle that;s urban. Freeway still has cars on it but traffic isn't as urgent or fanatical. As aposed to now, 19, had a whole lot of stuff in my life of stuff. But I'm still, good stuff badstuff, a lotta stuff. But I'm still alive. March is  a good time to be alive. There's a lot to look forward to in March. Listening to the Eagles. Funny how music fits into cars so well. Just outside of Freeport , I'm on a two lane road. ! -90 has gone away.. not as flashy, they're sedans, trucks, practial  practical cars like my dad's'. Farm cars  with dirt along thed skirts and rocker panels,  Outside of Freeport, I'm on a two lane road. I't's kind of symbolic, Just as passing truck nearly wipes me out.. I recover and check they highway signs. I realize I have to be careful of traffiic now as it's hurling towards me at sixty mph, with only a yellow painted line keeping it from myside.

Realize I have to be careful of traffic now, as it's hurling twowards me at 60 mph,  with only a yellow painted line keeping it from my side. I turn my headkughts on to give them  keeping it from my side. I turn my head lights on to give them ample warning of my presence . In Utah Arizona oncoming cars always asume.. I forget my lights are one and lights are on they pass and flash theirs at me, Don.t they know it's safer with lights on.  Americans will argue about their rights just about  at this point, telling me able too choose whether to be safe or not. Always-takers. I am not - I choose to be safe.

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