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Just A Little Bit Of Randomness

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

Everything written below is out of boredom. Just A Little Bit Of Randomness

The country I came from is fond of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. The religion I believe in does not really permit premarital relationships. So, how do you cope? How do you really get the culture out of religion? I don’t really know.

I have had loads of crushes – a lot. I adored how one dresses, how one does his hair, or how one talks. Then, out of nowhere, I tell myself, this isn’t right. I shouldn’t be admiring those guys. I mean, they do look good with their hair and material things they put on. I am not a perfect person. I commit mistakes. I repent. I make sure that I would not commit the same mistake over again.

Somehow, you need greater iman and sabr in a country such as mine. When you and your girlfriends go out, they are with someone and you are alone. Well, of course, I am not because I have my imaginary friend by my side.


Just A Little Bit Of Randomness

I may sometimes be lacking in terms of relationships coz I don’t have one other than what I have with my friends, family, and Allah. But I am glad because I don’t have to worry whenever someone does not reply my messages, or does not pick up my calls. I could care less.

When friends are complaining about their boyfriends being all selfish and dumb, I just listen. Profoundly because I don’t have one to complain about. It’s a good thing. I am not rushing things anyway. I am awesome this way.

Just A Little Bit Of Randomness

To all single ladies, hey don’t fret. We rock. We roll. We do everything we want. Well, it’s not everything though, because there is still Islam that lets me remember the right things to do.

Now I can say, I am growing up. I finally know which the right thing to do is. I had made decisions that might have gone the wrong way, but I am getting up and going to that road where it leads me to goodness. Akhirat is becoming nearer each day. The only love that will guide us is the love we have for Allah, Islam, and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

You can never find the perfect love in someone. Why? Because it is within you. Only then you will know happiness when you find that spark within you that shouts I’ve finally found love.

Now is time in my life
I know what is wrong from right
Going to take this chance on your love
And as you to be my bride.
Now I know it’s maybe hard to understand
I know this may some crazy
I know this messy little bit hard to believe
But what I am trying to say it’s true

Listen to the song. I love it more than any other love song in earth. Probably because I kind of dream of the song to be true. Probably because it’s the righteous thing to do for any man. Probably because I found love. Echoz! haha.

That ruined my dream. Kthnxbye.

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