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Just 2 Products That Save My Money

Posted on the 06 November 2012 by Goinggoinggreenca @GoingGoingGreen

Are you tired of spending lots of money on several skin care products & multiple household cleaners? Are you worried about toxic ingredients in cheap products? I have listed below, 2 products that save my money. They’ve become my most favorite products because they are Natural & Organic, helping keep my family, pets, & Mother Nature healthy & they have literally replaced more than a dozen products that I use to buy.

Balance – Mineral Fortified Multipurpose Moisturizing Gel – Can be

balance gel All Purpose Balance Gel
used on you & your children when you need first aid care for bruises, cuts, burns or rashes, also all over your face & body for moisture, as well as in your hair for moisture and shine. It is a wonderful reliever from pain or swelling in your joints or muscles. Replacing such products as body, hand, & facial  moisturizers, bug bite relief gels, several first aid products, and so many more, so it can save you a lot of money too. Made from all-natural ingredients, it is pH balanced and toxin free. Balance is made with a proprietary blend of special oxygenated catalyst water, giving it remarkable skin-restoring properties. Click here to read more about this product. 8oz bottle. $14.95 Retail $13.95 Wholesale $11.95 Direct

“I was stung by a wasp on my forearm this summer. In less than 5 minutes, my entire arm, from finger tips to shoulder, was tingling, and the bump was the size of a toonie. In just a few short minutes after applying the Balance Gel, I had totally forgotten all about the sting & the bump was entirely gone! All thanks to ForeverGreen’s Balance Gel.”

House Keeper – All Natural, 100% Biodegradable Household Cleaner -

big product pic housekeeper House Keeper
A superior ALL purpose cleaner & exceptionally gentle on skin. You can clean your entire house economically without the use of toxic chemicals. This household cleaner is a concentrate which you dilute with water, so one bottle can make more than four gallons of cleaner! It’s an all-in-one cleaner with multiple uses ranging from removing oil stains on the driveway, to laundry detergent, to washing dishes, to a safe, gentle, pet shampoo and more. Click here to see the fact sheet of it’s many uses. 16.9 oz. & can make up to 33 Gallons. $14.95 Retail $13.95 Wholesale $11.95 Direct

“I make a wonderful foaming hand wash for each of my bathrooms & at the kitchen sink. I use just a little House Keeper mixed with a few drops of Orange TRUessence essential oil & water. I love the inexpensive versatility of ForeverGreen’s products.”

To get products at the lowest Direct price, click here to get your FREE ForeverGreen Membership (limited time only), or to take a look at their many Health & Wellness products made with Natural, Organic, & Clean ingredients.

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Just 2 Products that Save My Money
Just 2 Products that Save My Money

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