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Joseline VS Che Mack

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
I am very much sitting in the comfort of my own living room when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finally airs for the week. I can't wait for Ms. Joseline to hit my screen because honestly, as ghetto and ratchet as she behaves sometimes you have to admit, she is CONSISTENT! Have you any idea how hard it is to fake a personality and uphold the role on a daily basis!? Let me tell you I know fake bitches and Ms. Joseline just doesn't give me a fake bitch vibe. Joseline may be a lot of things but she is about her paper and isn't that what it's really all about? She is trying to make this reality thing a platform to make some major coin in the music business. Would I buy her album? I'd have to say hell no, I quit listening to reggaeton a long ass time ago and I have no intentions on listening now and the fact that I cannot understand Joselines plain English most times, I do not wish to require the assistance of Rosetta Stone just to get through a mediocre track. I respect the hell out of Joseline because at the end of the day she is going to say what she gotta say and gives no fucks on the feelings of the receiver when she is verbally dragging their ass. Joseline is no stranger to doing what it takes to get that money and she shows us that every week. Did you all catch the episode when Che Mack, Steebie, and Joseline were in Magic City? Of course you did and I am definitely about to run down my opinion on that situation.
First of all, Che Mack knows Ms. Joseline don't like her ass! I have to give Stevie J his props on trying to do the right thing as far as business goes but when you are mixing business and pleasure it gives Joseline the right to dictate things she wouldn't be able to if she were just your artist. He needs to realize that early! Why in hell was Che Mack raising her damn hand? If you have something to say spit it out! If Joseline isn't showing you any respect then why the fuck are you giving it. Why are you begging Joseline to cut a track with you when clearly no fucks are given on your behalf!? The funniest thing ever was when Che Mack asked Joseline to cut that track with her and Joseline told her she could basically die twice and the shit still would never happen. Che Mack had the nerve to say, I can't believe you would say something like that. SERIOUSLY!? Am I being punked? She told Joseline that sooner or later she won't have a choice or something or other but Ms. Joseline looked her dead in her face and told her, and I quote, "you sound stupid as hell and you sound a mess bitch." I was like, 'good fucking night!' The one think I can commend Che Mack on is that she in no way, shape, form, or fashion was going to allow Joseline to attack her with no repercussions, she defended herself and I applauded that. However, Che Mack DOES look a hot mess! Lawd, I'm going to need Stevie J to get her ass some caps for them teeth or something because she looks like she can bite an apple through a picket fence. When Joseline called her, Che Mack Braces Face, I'd liked to have died a million deaths! I love Joseline on LHHATL because I LIVE for that type of drama and Joseline never disappoints me. You may love or hate Joseline Hernandez but you know what, she is definitely about her brand and she wears 'Badd Bitch' very well!
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.
Joseline VS Che Mack
Joseline VS Che Mack

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