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John Goodman Weight Loss

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

Actor John Goodman who used to play Dan Conner on the big comedy show Rosanne has lost a great amount of weight. People have now been wondering about John Goodman weight loss and what his diet plan was? He said that he doesn’t exactly have any great secret but he has lost over 100 pounds basically by exercise, eating a balanced diet and putting in some hard work along with being consistent.

John Goodman has said that he had problems with his body weight because his eating hadn’t been very healthy. In 2005 John Goodman’s doctor advised him to sort out his body weight because he was dangerously overweight. He took the doctors advice and quit smoking even though he had been doing this ever since he was at junior senior high school. John then quit drinking too which he had been also been doing for many years. He then started watching what he was eating and devised a workout program so he could lose some weight.

John Goodman weight loss
John Goodman Weight Loss

He ultimate goal was to become healthier as he was out of shape and it was bringing him in some health problems. Now people are amazed by the hugh change in John Goodman weight loss and are asking him how he has done it so that they can follow suit. He said that he changed his diet completely and the amount of calories he was taking in. Instead of frying foods he decided to either bake, roast or boil. He then cut out all of the fat. He regularly had fruit and nut granola, pear and cherry compote, scrambled egg muffins, lot of chicken and salmon along with other healthy foods.

He also started drinking green tea before any meals and eating the foods in large amounts that were low in calories to help suppress his appetite. He ate apples and lots of green vegetables to fill up. John Goodman weight loss was because he wanted to be healthier and live a better lifestyle. He also cut out sugar from his diet.He was also close to 400 pounds which is very overweight. He was tired of being out of breath and feeling unfit and just wanted to change his life around by losing weight.

He had to constantly work out along with his diet plan to get healthier and lose the weight. John Goodman weight loss was not an overnight success and it took him a while to do, however he is a beacon of hope to other overweight people to show that no matter how large they are, they can lose weight and become fitter.

He is now feeling so much better and he looks amazing. He said that he feels like a different person. John Goodman weight loss really has had an impact on his life as now he can do things that he never did before. John has mentioned that it is going to be an ongoing process for the rest of his life and that he will never go back to how he was.

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