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Health Benefits of Honey

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

It is amazing that despite its existence and knowledge to mankind for millions of years, the health benefits of honey have not yet fully been acknowledged or understood by many. In most parts of the world where it occurs naturally amongst the people, honey is mostly appreciated as a sweetener in drinks or a favorite food additive especially in joyous occasions. Being associated with sweetness and happiness is perhaps the main reason why its metaphorical meaning in relationship is quite romantic. It is true however, that apart from just consuming honey for its sweetness, there are many health benefits that one can get by regularly consuming normal amounts of it.

There is overwhelming evidence that the ancient Romans especially those involved in wars or in the protection of their cities, regularly used honey to cover their body wounds. Wounds covered with honey generally healed faster and were free from infections that were prone to many others at that time since sanitary conditions were very wanting. It is a scientifically proven fact today that natural honey contains a great surplus of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antioxidants that help to boost the body’s immune system. It is definite that honey can be a great antiseptic and a first-aid component when cuts, bruises and similar injuries present themselves.

Health Benefits of Honey
Health Benefits of Honey

Regular consumption of healthy levels of natural honey or replacing it with granulated sugar where possible has also been linked for a long time to weight loss. It is not a secret at all that millions of people today especially in the Western world struggle daily with being overweight and are at a loss in finding the right solution for this problem. It is believed that honey does contain natural chemicals that absorb and expel excess fat from the body without endangering it. It is also believed that the ancient Egyptians and their contemporaries had discovered this benefit and used it to keep in shape and maintain their beauty. Natural honey is believed to contain approximately 5000 enzymes many of which could help in accomplishing these functions.

It is very common today to find honey-flavored throat lozenges or cough drops made with honey as an active ingredient. This is because honey has been scientifically proven to aid in the treatment or prevention of common respiratory ailments at all ages. Also, honey is used in many skin lotions or beauty products today than before because it aids to maintain the health and firmness of the skin while fighting wrinkles and other aging signs of the body. Homey also contains a host of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that helps to strengthen the body’s immune system in a natural way. There are many other homemade remedies that use honey as an active ingredient and it is up to any serious inquirer to discover for themselves and add to what is already known to date.

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