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The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

There are a lot of misconceptions about oil in general that oils are a health hazard and they are a time bomb just waiting to explode. This is not true; the fact is that there are some oils that are essential to our bodies for proper and healthy developing. So, does coconut oil also present some health problems or does not have some health benefits. In this article we try to focus entirely on the health benefits of coconut oils.

What is in coconut oil?

As the name suggest the main component in coconut oil is saturated fats which amount very closely to 90%. The other 10% s filled with mostly acids that are of paramount importance to our bodies and there are also traces of vitamins.

Health Benefits of coconut oils

Ø  Outside our bodies coconut oils takes care of our skin and hair

Our hair needs a natural nutrition of which coconut is the best option that is available as it provides the strength to the hair tissues and boosts in re-growth of hair. For the skin, it functions as mineral oil with the exception of no side effects and is convenient to all types of skin hence suitable for everyone. It is further used in the treatment of various skin ailments such as; dermatitis eczema and psoriasis. It forms part of major body care products’ ingredients used by many people across the globe.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Inside our bodies the oil is important in;

1.   Important in treatment of heart diseases since it contains lauric acid which helps in containing hypertension and inhibits the high cholesterol levels in our bodies.
2.   Boosts digestion because of the existence of anti-microbes that fight off bacteria and fungi that lead to indigestion.
3.   Helps in the immune system of our bodies. The immune property of coconut oils arises as a result of acids such as lauric, capric, caprylic and antimicrobial lipids that resist fungus, bacteria and virus. This can enable our bodies to cope with deadly diseases like HIV infection among other diseases.
4.   In reducing weight, it has fatty acids that help eat up the excess weight in our bodies. It also has the ability to reduce stress in the pancreas thus increasing metabolism in the process.
5.   Coconut oil also heals infections in/on our bodies as it improves the repair of tissues in our bodies.

On our body organs coconut oil;

It contains the necessary ingredients to boost the functioning of our body organs such as the kidney, liver, pancreas, bones and the teeth.
Coconut oil is usually in solid form because of its melting temperatures that are high than the room temperature. For this reason most of the oils are found in its solid form. It is of paramount importance that we realize that coconut oils are crucial for healthy and strong bodies that are proven to fight off many diseases and also keep our bodies fit. You can easily confirm the health benefits of coconut oil from your local doctor today and have a new sense in treating your body right.

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