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Joe Rogan – Iron Neck Machine

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

The Iron Neck is a fantastic machine for building up the muscles in the neck.

Joe Rogan – Iron Neck MachineYou can Exercise the Neck in Every Plane of Motion – Up/Down, Side to Side etc.

Used for football, grappling, MMA and rehab-specialists, in can help to improve performance, prevent injury and accelerate recovery from specific injuries.

As a (very poor) grappler and an office worker, my neck has mobility and postural issues and I’ll give anything a try to prevent the headaches that I get.

I currently use an infrared lamp and magnesium spray, with specific stretches – which does help a lot.

Below is a clip from the Joe Rogan Experience, with Jean Jacques Machado touting the benefits of the Iron Neck

(1 hour 16 mins in – Joe Rogan – “For Jiu Jitsu guys, it’s a must”

And here’s another clip of Joe Rogan & Chris Bell discussing the Iron Neck

Benefits of the Iron Neck:

  • Builds neck-strength in every possible position
  • Improves mobility/range of motion
  • Reduces risk of concussion
Joe Rogan – Iron Neck Machine

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