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Job Stopper Tattoos

By Urtatu @urtatu
Job Stopper Tattoos Job Stopper Tattoos

Job Stopper Tattoos

A “job stopper” is a tattoo that is below the wrist or above the collarbone. These tattoos can make it very difficult to get a job despite the wide acceptance of tattoos. It is prohibited in many states and certain countries to tattoo someone below the wrist or on the neck or face.

Job Stopper Head Tattoo Job Stopper Tattoos

Job Stopper Head Tattoo

Some people want their first tattoo to be on their hand or neck. They think it looks pretty or will make them look tough. Tattooists will often tell these people about the consequences of such tattoos and try to persuade them to get the tattoo on a more discreet place. However, it is not the job of the tattooists to morally instruct clients.

Job Stopper Tribal Hand Tattoo Job Stopper Tattoos

Job Stopper Tribal Hand Tattoo

If someone is bound and determined to get a job stopper, most tattooists are willing to oblige. It’s best, though, to think about the consequences before you break the job stopper barrier.

Due to the wider acceptance of tattoos, it is hard to be considered rebellious unless you go that extra step to be an outsider. Going to extremes mean having to push one step further. Most people who have hand and face tattoos get them because they think it’s beautiful and they like the reaction, good or bad, that they get from other people, sometimes to the point of addiction.

You Are Fired Job Stopper Tattoos

You Are Fired

Perhaps a feeling of already being an outcast pushes these people to further separate themselves from mainstream society. A sense of independence and freedom from the unwritten laws of social etiquette could be realized through the tattoo. Job stoppers are public statements that this individual shuns conformity. Whatever the individual’s reasons for adorning him- or herself with nonconcealable tattoos, in the end, doing so shows a sign of commitment to the entity of tattooing.

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