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Jewelry By Madame Nadine | Designer

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Happy Sunday!

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed your weekend.

I spent my weekend attending Abby Lee’s [ the instructor from the hit TV show Dance Moms ] studio grand opening right here in L.A, and Friday, I ended up having dinner with one of my closest friends, who I haven’t seen in a while. So, overall you could say that my weekend was pretty calm, relaxing, and kind of just a kick back weekend.

Today however, I am beyond excited and honored to share with you guys a special designer who I adore, and appreciate so much. Her name is Nadine, and her line is called ‘Madame Nadine‘.

I had met her a while back at one of the gifting suites that I attended, and she was such a pleasure to meet, and speak with. The more and more I talked with her, she began to tell me about her jewelry line, and specifically what kind of pieces that she offers.

When she showed me her pieces, I felt like I was in a dream, because I felt like each piece was so unique and well crafted, and i’ve never seen any jewelry or accessories line like this before. Not to mention that each piece was TOTALLY my style, and I well…pretty much wanted to take home every single piece that she had showed me.

Nadine’s line is a mixture of punk, mixed with a dark Victorian style, which I LOVE. Like I said previously, each piece is just so, so unique, and I feel like you should at least own one of her necklaces.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her line:


steampunk/victorian black lace color choker with acrylic lolita


steampunk/victorian black lace color choker with purple glass pendant


steampunk black lace choker with brown earth tone glass cabochon


steampunk black lace choker with purple tone glass cabochon

unnamed (6)

Nadine’s line offers a variety of necklaces, bracelets, hand jewelry, hair accessories, a lavish collection, and much much more!

What are some of your favorite pieces from Nadine’s line?



[ Obviously, her line is a FAVORITE of mine. ]


Jewelry By Madame Nadine | Designer

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