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Jessica Simpson – Multi Talented Texan Pop-star Announces She is Pregnant.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


A nice story for once to report on. One of America’s favorite female stars, Jessica Simpson has announced that she is expecting a child, just over year after announcing her engagement to former American football player, Eric Johnson. Jessica it seems has much to look forward to in 2012, and today I look at the all American girl made good from the southern state of Texas.

Jessica was born on 10th July 1980 in Abilene, Texas in the US at 07.50 hrs. She is a Sun sign Cancerian, with a lively Gemini Moon and a very showy Leo Ascendant. Her Sun Moon combination is a little bit tricky. The Gemini Moon lives on one’s nerves and yet the Cancers Sun requires to protect one’s position and personal security however is very sensitive. Immediately, one senses that behind the celebrity mask, Jessica does suffer with anxiety and will worry quite a lot. Her mind will be very sharp and her intuition and instinct is something that she should listen too as it will not lie to her. The Leo ascendant sort of comes to the rescue here, as it brings with it a love of being center stage, a place where she can discard all the indecision and anxiousness, at least for a while.

JessicaSimpson natal

Jessica’s Sun sits close to Mercury in the 12th house. For such a public performer and personality, this is really a very surprising position. The Sun in the 12th is much happier helping people and working in service behind the scenes. Being on stage is not the place that this Sun likes to be. This of course is completely at odds with the Leo Ascendant. You feel a real clash going on here, and with the nervousness and potential anxiety complex I mentioned earlier, I bet Jessica gets very uptight before she goes on stage. Why she goes on stage and performs can be explained by looking at the chart as a whole.

As always, the parents and your attitude and relationship to them affects your whole life, as does your education and formative years. These would have been difficult for Jessica, and would have driven her on to prove people wrong. With squares between Moon and Saturn/Mars, I can assume that her relationship with her mother would have been difficult, aggressive and quite upsetting. Her relationship with her father would have been compulsive and powerful, possibly easier than with her mother. He was a minister and her faith is shown by Pisces the sign of spirituality on the cusp of the 9th house of faith and education. Her first singing experience was at he local gospel church. As Uranus sits in the 4th house trine to her Sun, her home life would have been chaotic, and Jessica would have craved independence and freedom. Seeing a potential music career, she dropped out of school at 16 (shown by Pisces’ ruler Neptune being square to a malefic planet, Saturn) to pursue a dream of performing, after being discovered by a Colombia record executive, Tommy Mottola. She was on her way to escape her difficult home-life.  

We have two t-squares on this chart. The first connects the Sun Mercury conjunction to Pluto in the 3rd house of communication and Jessica’s active Aries Ascendant. An Aries ascendant wants a very active career. One wants to be the best and has to always have new challenges. Pluto being square to the Sun and Mercury and opposite this Midheaven absolutely demands to be someone special and well known. Jessica requires personal recognition. The second t-square connects Saturn and Mars to an opposition of Neptune and a Moon/Venus conjunction. We have three very influential and powerful planets, Pluto Saturn and Mars in the 3rd house of communication. Certainly, Jessica is someone who needs to get her message out, through her work indicated here by the presence of Saturn.

The square to Neptune in the 5th house of creativity and entertainment brings motivation to create music, to sing and to act. Jessica as her Aries ascendant demands has not just stuck to pop music, but has branched out into country and and she has appeared on TV and acted in films. This Neptune also feeds into the Pluto/Midheaven opposition via a sextile and a trine as well as making sesquisquares to the Sun and Mercury. Despite the planetary conflict I mentioned earlier, the tension and drive of Saturn and the love of music and creativity in her chart overrides the fear of being in the spotlight.

Jessica is a very hardworking girl and her energy to keep going and to push on very much shown through the constructive Saturn/Mars link. With both these planets in Virgo, Jessica will be very much the ultimate perfectionist and hugely self critical, very demanding and possibly temperamental and somewhat irritable if things don’t go her way. She will be rather serious and powerful in voicing her opinions, but only after some serious thought and consideration. In truth, she will not like voicing her opinions, but when she does, she will do it with utter conviction.  

The other end of the t-square sees the Moon in conjunction to Venus opposite to Neptune. This aspects softens her personality immensely, bring a real sensitivity and kindness to her. She will love children and the news announced today will utterly delight her. When her child is born, it will propel Jessica into dreamland. For someone who seems to be very gentle, impressionable and on edge most of the time, I think that the birth of her first child will bring her a lot of confidence and great amounts of joy.

This opposition goes a long way to explaining her moving into the beauty industry, with fragrances and fashion part of the range she promotes. Jessica will blind herself in love and relationships, and she would have had several let downs and disappointments in her love life before she met Eric Johnson. Moon Venus opposite Neptune in the 5th does look for the perfect love, something which is ultimately difficult to find. Through this aspect we also see an understanding of suffering (Neptune) and a need to help charitable groups and associations (11th house), especially with children (5th house). I think this is something that will make up a large part of Jessica’s life as she gets older.

Jessica has been known for her altruistic and generous nature, and this is shown by Jupiter which sits alone in the 2nd house. This Jupiter dominates the whole chart. We have here a love of money and spending it, not only on oneself, which she will do constantly and possibly recklessly, but also in being generous to other people too. No matter what happens to Jessica, she will always have an open optimistic attitude the colours her whole character. Of course right now, she has a lot to smile about.

JessicaSimpson transit

The baby I believe was conceived just as transiting Saturn was hitting her natal Pluto at 19 Libra, which through Scorpio rules Jessica’s 5th house of children. Notice that this connection activated her Midheaven and her public profile. Saturn hit 19 Libra in the first week of October, and the influence of Pluto means a complete change in her way of life. The announcement also came while the transiting North Node was moving through her 5th house of children and as the transiting South Node connected with Jessica’s natal Venus. Transiting also Mars connected in the past 48 hours with her North Node, Mars of course rules her public image, so this is positive news bang on time. Transiting Jupiter is trine to her natal Jupiter so this is a happy and optimistic time for Jessica and here is another link to children with Sagittarius intercepted in the 5th house too. Transiting Saturn is about to enter her 4th house, so Jessica and her fiance may be house hunting in the next year or so for the perfect family home, and I would expect them to officially tie the knot in the next year or two as Saturn moves through the 4th house of home and family. The next year I think will be wonderful one for her.

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