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Japan Eathquake – New Powerful 7.1 Aftershock Shakes Japanese East Coast.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

japan quake 1

Poor old Japan. Just clearing up from the last huge quake and then a large aftershock comes along. At the time of writing, there was a Tsunami expected of between 1-2 metres due to hit the East coast of Japan.

Seeing the earthquake chart, it is easy to see the tension build up in the area again. Often earthquakes hit when a major planet is close to conjunction to one of the angles on a chart. No change today as the current Saturn Jupiter opposition lay at the time of the quake conjunct the Midheaven/IC axis of the chart. Jupiter is joined by both Sun and Mercury for a powerful opposition. The Saturn/Midheaven conjunction makes a very powerful quindecile with Mars/Uranus – here is the shock factor (Mars Uranus) on the earth (Saturn). Mars Uranus is square Pluto and also square the ascendant where the North Node conjunct exactly. Pluto is in turn square to Saturn and the Midheaven, so with all the angles affected, here is the potential for some more destruction, although this earthquake was far less powerful than the last big one to hit Japan.


Interesting that the last quake has exactly the same Neptune/Moon square, the Moon having done a complete circle of the zodiac. This one hit when the Moon was at 1 degree Gemini, the last one was when the Moon was at 0 Gemini. This degree zone must be a trigger of some sort in this particular point on earth, it would be interesting to do some research into previous Japanese quakes to see if it was activated again. Last time Neptune (water) was responsible for a loss of life in the population (Moon). I trust and hope the same fate does not his the people of poor Japan for a second time in a month

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