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Jair Bolsonaro - The New President Elect of Brazil

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Jair Bolsonaro - The new President elect of Brazil

Hi everyone. Overnight Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil with a convincing victory in the elections held yesterday. Jair is (just) a Sun sign Aries with his Sun on the cusp of the first sign of the zodiac, therefore it sits on the Aries Point, a place where individuals with personal planets often receive acclaim or notoriety. That Sun sits square to his Nodal Axis, indicating to me that his father wasn't always the one to back and support Jair when he was young.

Jair Bolsonaro - The new President elect of Brazil

His Taurean Midheaven is conjunct to Mars, and accordingly Jair was a former military man. His Mars opposes Saturn and squares onto Venus, therefore he is a tough guy and someone who works best when relying on himself, and on his personal values. With Venus in cool Aquarius, he will be a man of the people, however quite aloof and stubborn. Socially he will know how to connect with the masses in a political manner.

He has a Cancerian Ascendant, so he values the notion of nationhood. That Cancerian Ascendant is conjunct to Uranus and Jupiter making him a risk taker, someone who goes against the grain, and someone with optimism and big plans. There is a humanitarian side to him and a charitable feel to this combination, but also someone who can suddenly go off at a tangent and shock people with his unusual ideas. Jupiter conjunct to his Ascendant also promotes faith and spirituality, something that he will stubbornly adhere to once he has found a mode of belief to follow.

In the same way, Neptune is square to his Ascendant and Uranus from his 3rd house of communication. He will have big dreams, however watch out for confused messages or him not delivering on the promises he makes. Mercury in Pisces is quite vague and sometimes emotional, and what he says may not be what he delivers. What this Mercury does do is allow him to sense the prevailing mood, and say what is needed at the time, rather than what may be right. In that sense he will resonate like President Trump, being able to find favour with the masses even if his message is confused or even controversial.

Pluto the planet of power and control in Leo opposes his natal Moon in Aquarius. Again we have cool emotions and a rather sceptical feeling, plus plenty of intensity and a powerful hold on people around him. He will be loved or hated in equal measures.

His natal North Node sits at 1 degree Capricorn, and transiting Saturn, the planet of responsibility and worldly progress, has been sitting conjunct to it for some time having stationed direct on his point of destiny in the past few months. One thing that concerns me though. Jair has been elected under Venus retrograde, with Venus moving backwards in in his house of communication. Will he suddenly go back on promises once Venus turns direct next month? On that we will have to wait and see...

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