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"It Was Just One of Those Days ..."

By Davidduff

Yesterday, alas, was a write off, or perhaps a 'writing's off' is more accurate.  It began with me doing one of my best friends a favour by driving him to Dorchester Hospital for a very minor clinical examination.  Right, I thought, half an hour there, say, one hour waiting and then half an hour back - no problem.  WRONG!  I parked outside with my book whilst he went in - and, poor chap, promptly fell into a typical NHS bureaucratic time-machine where infinity is the default mode!  Three hours later he emerged and I thought I might have to rush him round to 'Emergency' because he had steam coming out of his ears.  The only good news was that I managed several more chapters of Margaret MacMillan's superb history of the Versailles Peace Treaty.

Needless to say, the 'Memsahib' was waiting with tapping foot and an even longer list of 'Things That Must Be Done Or Else' so there was the afternoon gone.  However, there was 'Good News' in the evening when we discovered an excellent new restaurant in Sherborne where we enjoyed dinner with friends - and no, I'm not telling you the name, it was very busy last night and I don't want any more of you plebs trying to push in .

Anyway, sorry for going 'awol' yesterday but today, like Gen MacArthur, 'I have returned' - er, sorry, did you say something?


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