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"It's the Same the Whole World Over"

By Davidduff

Slightly pushed for time this morning so I have only skim-read a piece by ABC News analysing a poll taken in America in conjunction with The WaPo.  However, the good news is that the Democrat party are up shit creek without a paddle!  The bad, but understandable, news is that the Republicans are in a similar position but not having been in government they are in a position to escape.  'Over there' appears to be a mirror image of 'over here' in that huge swathes of the electorate are pissed off with both parties!

Yesterday the markets dropped like a stone and this could herald some exceedingly stormy economic weather.  Obama's ratings are dreadful and if the brown stuff hits the fan he, and his party, will be blamed.  This could provide the opportunity for the Republicans to seize both houses of Congress in November and will leave Obama as 'dead man walking'!  As he thrashes through the next two years in his political death throes, he will be tempted to over-use his veto and executive order privileges, in other words, rule by fiat, starting with an announcement that all illegal immigrants will be vouchsafed citizenship in the USA.  That will hang a ton of lead around 'HillBilly's' neck and probably ruin her chances for the presidency in 2016 when she will be forced to repudiate Obama's policies thus splitting the Democrats.  Even now she is viewed with great suspicion by the ultras in the Democrat party.

All of that might just be enough to propel the Republicans into winning the presidency in 2016 provided, and so far they show no signs of it, that they can pick a candidate capable of uniting and enthusing a very disenchanted Republican party.  Unlike our own (not very) dearly beloved Conservative party, at least the Republican dissidents in the Tea Party are still inside their 'mother-party', unlike UKIP 'over here'. The GOP needs an authentic candidate, a man or woman with a well-tested ideology based on libertarian conservative values.  Someone who can enthuse his or her own party and capture the imaginations of a very disillusioned American electorate.

The presidency is there for the taking, do the Republicans have the wit and intelligence to seize it?

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