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It's Friday and More Movies

By Myfilmproject09

Friday is the day when theaters in USA and Canada release the studio movies and also a stack of movies you've never heard of, nor will they ever go anywhere, with maybe a few to Netflix.
The big gorilla this week is Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, based on the novel. It should do well due to the book as well as a "chick-flick" as they used to say. There's also a movie from Jason Reitman who did Juno and whose dad is Ivan Reitman, of Ghostbusters. It's called Men, Women & Children. It was supposed to go to the web but not sure if that is happening.

That's the big movies, the ones that go to every theater in America and Canada (Box office earnings includes Canada). But here in L.A. and NYC, there are at least a dozen movies you'll never see. They are:

The Little Bedroom - story about a guy in his 80's in Switzerland

The Supreme Price - documentary on a tragic Nigerian family.

Lilting - Mother loses child and tries to understand. From China.

The Liberator - doc on Simon Bolivar who battled Spanish soldiers.

Annabelle - Horror film.

The Good Lie - Reese Witherspoon rescues Sudanese boys.

Left Behind - Another chapter of the religious movie this time with Nicholas Cage who seems to be making a dozen movies himself each year.

Peril - a "psycho-drama" about a tragedy in a small Scottish town.

Blue Room - A French mystery who-dun-it.

Color - Cartoon movie about a boy who finds color crayons come to life.

Drive Hard - An Australian movie about car chases and action. A poor man's version of Mad Max.

There's a few more movies, but I think you get the feeling already. The best of these will probably make it to netflix but usually these small indie movies usually play for one week in a movie theater in LA or NCY and this helps them get a little more money from Netflix and all the other buyers.

And this happens every Friday, ten more new movies from people we've never heard from before. And the same fate awaits them.

That's show business.

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