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It's A Sarah Night!!

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good afternoon Beautiful,Well, happy Monday I guess. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Mondays, but they do usually fly by for me in terms of work. How did your weekend go? I kept you pretty up to date on my weekend, with the exception of yesterday afternoon/night… it was somewhat pathetic so that could be the reason. I woke up yesterday and hung out in bed, had breakfast and fiddled around on my iPad for a while, until realizing I was still tired. So I fell asleep again until about 1pm (I don’t like to fight it when I’m tired. As far as I’m concerned, napping is one of the best things known to man and very few people take advantage when they have the chance to nap) and then C woke me up asking if I wanted to hang out on our patio and lay in the sun. 100% I did! So I got my bathing suit on and we went down to the patio and claimed a beach chair.He brought music so it was pretty fun, and I could count songs to know when to turn over. Well, needless to say I got a little roasted…It's A Sarah Night!!
It’s not as painful as one would think, and it’s only on the front half of my body (obviously my timing methods need a little help..) so when I shower I can still be somewhat normal and have a warm shower hit me in the back. I can’t shower facing the water, or use my Proactiv on my face which is already driving me crazy. I love scrubbing my face and Proactiv has little grains in it so it really gets all the grime away. With a sunburn however, it’s the equivalent of torture. Since being burnt, I’ve felt so dehydrated and tired. It’s awful! I have been drinking a TON of water and green tea and it’s not helping, all it’s doing is causing me an unbelievable amount of trips to the washroom. I also didn’t work out yesterday, BUT this weekend was a gazillion times better in terms of sticking with my diet! By no means was I perfect this weekend, but there were major improvements.
It might have to do with the fact that I’m super obsessed with my new food scale. It’s so great. I’ve started writing everything down, weight of my food, calories, fats, proteins and carbs in everything I eat. IT’S SO EXCITING to see what I’m eating! And it makes me not want to cheat ever!!  I guess that’s why people say it’s so motivating to write in a food journal because you don’t want to write down anything bad. Today I worked out with my friend, but before we started the workout, I wanted to take my body composition and check out if I’ve made any progress. I started looking at my body comp in January when I first started training for my half marathon. I’m going to be candid, and tell you I weighed 155lbs when I started training. Near the end of my half-marathon training I weighed about 149lbs, and now I weigh 151lbs. The good news is that I’ve gained all of that weight in muscle; with the exception of 0.2lbs of fat that I’ve gained (I thought it would be more… so I’ll take it!). 2lbs of muscle since March… not shabby. Keep in mind I am a 6 foot tall woman, that means my BMI is normal at 20.5, I don’t necessarily believe that BMI should be a tool used to measure every person’s lifestyle as there are a lot of factors missing in a BMI calculation (muscle mass for example) but it works in my case, being the average woman that I am.I used to weigh a lot more. In my good ol’ college years of drinking all the time (more than I do now, if you can believe it!) and living off of Raman noodles and pizza I made my way up to almost 170lbs. For real – I felt awful about myself, I had no fitness abilities what so ever and seeing how I was taking Fitness & Health Promotion in college, you’d think I would have. I couldn’t run, but I could go out till 3am, get up and be at work for 6am-9am (I was a Member Ambassador at GoodLife in my first year of college… this was my shift on Friday mornings!) and then have class all day, go home and have a quick nap and go out again. It was a vicious cycle and it’s not surprising that my weight crept up slowly. Then in the summer in between my college years, I became a vegetarian. I had read the book “The Skinny Bitch” and the horrific stories of animals being slaughtered was enough for me to stop eating meat. Skipping the details, in my second year of college I lost all of the extra weight. I was living off of rice and lentils because I was broke and sometimes got in the odd fresh vegetable. I was a vegetarian for 3 years in total, and even though I did lose the excess weight I had put on, I felt like crap. I had low energy, I lost all of the muscle mass that I did have, and I was bloated day in and day out. It usually happened at the same time every single day. I started eating meat again in December of 2010 mostly because I was living in a house full of guys (I had 3 male roommates) and I had C around. I started with chicken, cooked so well that it was almost like rubber and I would eat it with salad. I had to get someone else to actually cut up the raw meat for me because it made me feel sick. Eventually however it got easier, but I was still eating starchy carbs and dairy. It wasn’t until I started eating paleo (most of the time I eat paleo, 100% of the time I cut out dairy, but I sometimes eat wheat/rice) that I noticed how much more energy I have and how I’m hardly EVER bloated. If you haven’t researched The Paleo Diet yet, I so strongly encourage you to do so. I promise it will be worth it.Anyways, I’ve been rambling. Let’s get down to business and talk about today’s workout. It was this:

It's A Sarah Night!!

I love this photo. I've seen it before, and thought I'd share!

5 sets of 12 deadlifts
- the first set was 95lbs in total (2x25lbs plates + a 45lbs bar) but it was too easy, so we upped the weight.
- All of the rest of the sets were 115lbs in total (2x35lbs plates + a 45lbs bar).
- My hands and grip were getting fatigued a lot more quickly than my back/hamstrings, I need gloves, but I don’t want to wear them… do people still make fun of girls wearing weight lifting gloves? It’s so intense….
3 supersets of:
- seated row at 45lbs, 12 reps (this is light weight, I know, but I was trying to do them a specific way, don’t ask me what it was, but the next weight plate up was too heavy….)
- back extension, bodyweight, 20 reps
3 supersets of:
- Lat-pulldown at 45lbs, 12 reps (again with the low weight, I think at this point I was more lazy than anything and could easily have done more weight.. next time don’t be lazy, noted.)
- back extension, bodyweight, 20 reps
After this my lower back felt like a cement brick so we called it a day and I went back down to my office and had a protein shake. I think that I might not be able to move tomorrow. I’m going to go do half an hour of cardio in my condo gym. I was just about to lazy-out of going to do it, but I was talking with a girl I work with today, and I had said that her workouts inspire me because she’s so much more busy than I am and still fits her workouts in… so off I go before I convince myself not too! Be right back!Wheeeew! That was, hard. I didn’t WANT to go, but I knew I should. I barely made it through the first 5 minutes! Turns out when you have a baby headache, as soon as you start bobbing up and down on an elliptical machine, that baby headache becomes a giant headache. Thank god for “The Big Bang Theory” to keep my mind occupied. .. Yay me! I burned about 250 calories, plus whatever I burned during my first workout of the day, that’s awesome!  Go me J.
It's A Sarah Night!!
I started reading a new book this weekend – a novel this time! As some of you know, I am absolutely in love with Lauren Conrad. I loved her on The Hills, I love reading about her in magazines, she always looks so elegant and timeless – she’s the perfect role model and definitely someone I would/do take fashion inspiration from. I started reading one of her novels, LA Candy. I’ve heard from other people that her novels are based on her experiences during The Hills, and I’m only 100 pages in and would have to agree. So far, she’s started her internship at an event planning company, and her boss doesn’t like her because she showed up on her first day wearing bright colours and her boss prefers all of the staff to wear all black. If you’ve following along with The Hills, you’ll know that this “event firm” is Kelly Cutrone’s business in real life. Kelly makes her staff wear all black especially to events/fashion shows because they will never clash with any of the clothes or set-ups and if they wear plain black clothing, they aren’t noticeably wearing a designer other than the one they’re currently working for. It’s super interesting and I’m excited to read more! I’m home alone tonight, and it’s kind of nice. Sorry C! He’s out at a Jays game with one of his buddies, and I’ve taken over the couch and the 60” tv, I’m cooking my own dinner full of chicken and veggies and I’m watching The Bachelorette without any of his “pff I hate this show” commentary. IT’S A SARAH NIGHT! Cheers folks.
Stay sweet.

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