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It’s A Royal Blue Wedding

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles
It’s A Royal Blue Wedding!

Being your BFF’s bridesmaid is a thrilling yet daunting mission, and being one in royal blue is a particularly honoured.

My dear girlfriend J just happened to share the same engagement date as the Royal Highness – Prince William and Princess Kate on 16th November back in 2010. They were then travelling in UK when her fiance proposed and literally had the whole town celebrating with them, not bad at all right? It took them four years to finally tie the knot, yet it didn’t take long at all for herself and her darling bridesmaid (i.e. me) to decide on the wedding theme – it’s hands down gonna be one dainty royal blue wedding inspired by Princess Kate!

Although this isn’t my first time being a bridesmaid, it still gets me extremely nervous, probably even more so than prepering for my own wedding! Any ladies out there nodding your heads? Well, I turned to Dr Google and it only got me more anxious as it said:

Being bridesmaid

Wow! Sounds like Dr Google had an interesting time hearing all these horrible tales of being bridesmaids!

So it seems the key is not to be seen as difficult or cheap, now where to start? Styling a wedding is my thing for sure as I love collecting inspirations on my Pinterest boards. A few macaroons & champagne-filled planning sessions over at my girlfriend J’s place, here are what we’ve pinned on our shared boards:

Kate Middleton Royal Blue Wedding Inspirations | Lace n Ruffles

Alright, I admit we’re a tiny bit obsessed over Kate Middleton’s delicate beauty in royal blue! We won’t get our hands on her exquisite sapphire ring, but hey a girl can dream, can’t she? And all these beautiful pairing of royal blue on lace, gold accent or shades of earthy tones have inspired us on different aspects of our wedding planning. From delicious eye-candy cocktails to precious sapphire jewelries that are sure to bring on the finest side of the brides, here are a few wedding inspirations that got us swooning and we thought you might too!

{ Sapphire Inspired Royal Blue Curacao Cocktail }

Royal Blue Wedding Inspiration


This jewel inspired cocktail recipe will no doubt be the head-turner of the reception party.


  • Lime wedge
  • Coarse sugar or granulated sugar
  • Ice cubes
  • 1/4 cup cranberry juice cocktail
  • 2 tablespoons (1 oz) citron vodka or vodka
  • 2 tablespoons (1 oz) blue curacao
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

 {Blueberry Cake }

Royal Blue Wedding Inspiration

I absolutely admire the craftsmanship behind creating the perfect hues on wedding cake frosting, yet I’m always frightened by the idea of lining my stomach with artificial colourings and feeding my guests with them. Why add chemicals to your wedding cake when you can use raw super food filled with anti-oxidant goodness such as blueberries to give the same bright royal blue hues? If blueberries aren’t in season, try using frozen blueberries to make puree for drizzling on your dessert plates.

{ Sparkle On With Sapphire }

Sapphire Jewelery | Lace n Ruffles

Sapphire Jewelery | Lace n Ruffles

Oh my! These gems we came across from Michael Hill‘s catalog have got our pinning fingers go frenzied! We tried on the sapphire ring at the store and for a little indulging moment we both felt like princess! We also locked our eyes on this ornate sapphire and diamond pendant with a hint of 20s art deco vibe, which pairing with a high collar creamy lace gown will make a striking non-traditional bride.

{ Pretty in Heels }

Royal Blue Wedding Inspiration

My other dearest girlfriend L has told me the smartest buy among her wedding shopping list was a pair of Manolo. Half day of running around doing photoshoot plus two hours on the dance floor ended with happy feet of no single blister, isn’t this a fairy tale? Also LOVE this pair of Tony Burch in denim-like royal blue hues with gold accent for brides who like to breakaway from the tradition of white heels.

{ Now Let’s Wrap Things Up With A Blue Vacation, Shall We? }

Greece | Travel Through Your Lens -

It’s A Royal Blue Wedding!
Royal Blue Wedding Inspiration

Oh the endless blue, how I adore you! We both agreed we could sit and stare at these alluring blue shades all day. Blue honeymoon destinations including Santorini, Turkey and Cote d’Azur topped our bucket lists. I ended up picking Nice and Cannes as a die-hard croissant and macaroon connoisseur – which of these enchanting blue destinations top your list?

I’m pretty sure it must be the bottle of Perrier Jouet working its magic as we simply have an overflowing list of royal blue wedding inspirations ready to share! Follow our journey on this Pinterest board and inspire us with your creativity too. So tell me dear lovelies, do you have a non-traditional engagement ring such as a sapphire one inspired by Kate Middleton? Have you thought of having a royal blue themed wedding? There’re simply too much to pin and to drool over so we’d love to see your real weddings and how the colour theme matched!

Until next till, stay inspiring.

It’s A Royal Blue Wedding

This was written in collaboration with Michael Hill while all opinions are my own.

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