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It Isn't Scots Nationalism, It's English 'hatredism'

By Davidduff

It's embarrassing watching a nation of normally intelligent people rushing to make total arses of themselves but, alas, there's no stopping the Jocks - and by now, in England, there are precious few who could or even want to stop them.  Their nationalism has always been present but hitherto in a contained manner that added to the spice of life within this, er, united Kingdom.  Now, however, the evil genie of ultra nationalism is out and running amuck.  There's no stopping it, if the polls are correct, so the best thing for us English to do is follow the example of England 'footie' supporters and stand to one side as the Jock supporters rush past.

In effect, Scotland has become 'Mobland', driven by all the stupid and inchoate urges to be found in any mob.  In their headlong rush to 'independence' do any of the Jocks pause and ask precisely how much 'independence' they will enjoy under the iron fist of the 'Kaiserin', 'Juncker the Drunker' and their chief bean-counter, Mario Draghi?  Do they seriously believe they will find a more sympathetic response in Berlin-Brussels than they do in soppy-soft London where all the politicians are sobbing at the thought of losing 'bonny Scotland'?  Have any of the Scot Nats leadership spoken to their left-wing counterparts in Greece and asked what it's like being a titchy country in a huge conglomerate?

That grizzled, old, political warrior, Norman Tebbit, spells it out for them in The Telegraph:

No one questions just how independent Scotland would be in the future European Republic. But just what influence would Scotland have over the making of the policies imposed from Brussels on that country? Rather less than the number of SNP MPs at Westminster over the years.

It is time that someone explained to the SNP and its supporters that if a Scottish Prime Minister should ever arrive in Brussels, he or she would be politely told to go and play with the other little ones like Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia, whilst the grown ups like Germany, France, Italy and Spain decide everything that matters.

I believe there is some exceedingly stormy financial weather approaching.  The bubble induced by governmental money-printing is about to burst, it merely awaits the courage of Mrs. Yelland 'over there' to pick up the needle of an American interest rate rise and prick the bubble.  The sheer amount of global debt nominated in dollars is beyond comprehension and as it collapses the world's economy will shrink.  So, my Scottish friends, how do you think an already shaky Europe will cope with that?  And how much effort will they make to share the collateral damage fairly and cushion the blow?  Do you seriously suppose that the Germans, the French, the Italians or the Spanish (who already have their own problems) give a flying fig for a bunch of whingeing Jocks who, once they have thrown off the English yoke (what a laugh!), will have nowhere else to go?  'MacLike it or MacLump it', will be your only choice.  So good luck with that one, Jock!

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