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Israel and Iran – Tensions Rising to Boiling Point.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist yesterday, Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan blown up outside a Tehran university has raised the temperature of the already strained relationship between Iran and Israel. Now there is no proof that Mossad agents were to blame for the unexplained attack, however veiled threats coming out of Israel that Iran should “expect unusual events this year” has left the Iranians rather unhappy. Very unhappy indeed…


Many people have been speculating when Iran and Israel might go head to head in conflict and we are coming up to a crunch point sooner rather than later if the astrology is anything to go by. The natal chart (inside ring) has a nasty triple conjunction of Pluto Uranus and Saturn, square to the composite Moon. There is bad blood between these two. The main sticking point you will not be surprised to find out is faith. Jupiter conjunct the composite Midheaven is square the Nodal Axis, so the disagreements over the matter of belief will always come into the public arena.

IranIsrael transits

Look above. A very busy chart going on here as the planets circle around the Israel/Iran composite chart. The main thing to look at are Pluto which has just crossed over the composite ascendant. Pluto is transformational and destructive, and now entering the first house bring a lot of underground hidden loathing out of the shadows (12th) into the light of the open air, and complementing this, the transiting Nodal Axis has in recent weeks been square to natal Pluto. Combine this with transiting Mars in the 9th house and it shows secret (Pluto) aggression exported (Mars in 9th). The major problem here is that Mars is going to be staying in the 9th house for half of 2012, soon going into retrograde action. The Nodal Axis naturally goes in a clockwise direction, so it is heading for squares with Uranus and Saturn in future weeks and months.

The other thing to look at is transiting Uranus which is approaching a conjunction with the composite Sun. Quite frankly anything could happen when Uranus makes a conjunction, just because the composite Uranus is in a Pluto Saturn sandwich. Uranus is shocking, and it’s effect has already been felt with Uranus opposing the composite chart ruler Venus as this unprovoked attack happened. It is also making very stressful quindeciles to Jupiter and Pluto.

So was Israel to blame? No-one knows for sure except the Israelis themselves, but the planets point to some underhand stuff going on. One thing is for sure. Whether they were behind it, tensions are rising between these two bitter enemies. Keep an eye on them as I think it’s going to be lively in the least. Just look at this run of planetary connections to the composite chart through Winter/Spring 2012

24th Jan 12   Transiting Nodes square Uranus/Pluto midpoint
20th Feb 12   Transiting Uranus conjunct Sun
27th Feb 12   Transiting Mars conjunct Pluto
28th Feb 12   Transiting Pluto conjunct Mars/Saturn midpoint
9th Mar 12   Transiting Mars conjunct Mars Saturn midpoint
20th Mar 12   Transiting Mars conjunct Uranus
13th Apr 12   Transiting Nodes square Uranus/Pluto midpoint
10th May 12   Transiting Mars conjunct Uranus
21st May 12   Transiting South Node conjunct Moon
24th May 12   Transiting Uranus inconjunct Uranus
24th May 12   Transiting Mars conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint
25th May 12   Transiting Pluto square Mars/Saturn midpoint

If Iran and Israel can avoid a conflict after this run of aspects, then the world and it’s peace makers deserve a pat on the back. This is a nasty set of transits, hitting all the wrong places and taking place mainly in 8th house of transformation, destruction and death. As the Uranus/Pluto square tightens through until June, this is one hotspot that may well feel the full effects.

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