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Is Your Mattress Affecting Your Sleep?

By Sharon Dalzell @Dalzells_Beds

Many of us are now familiar with the link from poor sleep to health issues. But how many of us realize that it could be our mattress to blame for a bad night’s sleep?

A bed that provides the right amount of support, comfort and room to move is less likely to keep us awake at night and cause partner disturbance. So, how can you tell whether your mattress is up to scratch?

Read on for advice on how your mattress affects your sleep.

Is Your Mattress Past Its Best

Signs That Your Mattress Is Past Its Best

A mattress that is showing signs of wear and tear has become discoloured or lumpy is generally past its best. The National Bed Federation (NBF) recommend we replace our mattresses every seven years. If you think about it, seven years is roughly 2555 nights of bodily fluids seeping into our beds, never mind the dead skin cells!

If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress then look for the NBF seal of approval. As your local Premier Retail Champion, when you buy a new bed from us you’re safe in the knowledge that we have sourced all our UK & Irish made beds from an NBF Approved Member Manufacturer.

NBF Seal of Approval

If you’re still not sure if your mattress is performing as it should, you can take the Bed MOT to find out if your mattress is past its best.

How To Choose A New Mattress

It goes without saying, but the more time you spend choosing the right bed will be time well spent. Although not always possible, we recommend you come in store and try before you buy.

Talk to our qualified staff who are there to help you make the best choice for your specific needs. Come prepared with a checklist of things you like and don’t like.

Mattress Support Guide

Think about the firmness of the mattress. Remember, your new bed should offer the right support for your spine and doesn’t have to be extra firm to be right. There are lots of orthopaedic mattresses and adjustable beds on the market that are right for some but may not be the best choice for your needs.

If you suffer from back problems or other health conditions that prevent you from lifting heavy objects, choose a non turn mattress which only needs rotating occasionally.

Think about your budget too. Although it’s true that the more you invest, the better the bed, it isn’t necessarily the case that a very expensive soft mattress is going to the best for you.

Respa Gel Beds

Your mattress and bed need to work together. If you’re buying a divan set, it’s best to buy the mattress that goes with it and we would never recommend placing a mattress on the floor. A bed needs to be ventilated. An old base could also reduce the useful life of the new mattress. It might also affect the manufacturers’ warranty or guarantee.

Think about bed size too. What’s going to be comfortable for you. Is the bed for one or two? The bigger the bed the more room there is to move and reduce the risk of partner disturbance. Upgrading to a 5ft/150cm king size, or 6ft/180cm super king bed can make a considerable difference!

Sleep Better With A New Bed

Mattresses at Dalzell’s

Retailing a great selection of mattresses from leading manufacturers Kaymed, King Koil, Respa, Relyon, and Slumber Night, among others, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit us in store at Dalzells of Markethill. With over 500 mattresses in stock, we’re confident you’ll find a model that best meets your needs. What’s more, we provide Free Delivery of your new mattress across Northern Ireland and Counties Cavan, Louth, Meath, Monaghan and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

We’re ideally located off the A28 between Newry and Armagh, so handy for both Drogheda and Dundalk. And we’re less than an hour from Omagh and 30 minutes from Banbridge and Portadown. Call, email or visit in-store to find out more about additional discounts for Multibuy, and our Price Promise!

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