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Is Dave Really 'dead Man Walking'?

Posted on the 03 February 2013 by Davidduff

Bitter experience of dashed hopes destroyed by hyperventilating (or perhaps just plain bored) hacks desperate to scribble something, anything, to fill the pages which thereby  leads them to seizing the wrong end of not much of a stick in the first place, makes me wary of all the stories talking of rebellion in the Tory ranks.  I know they eventually 'did for her' but it took over a decade and required the momentum of a Tory grandee to bring it off, the rank and file MPs being mostly gutless even as they are led to the slaughter-house which is surely where they are headed at the next election.  However, what gives the story some backbone are the reports of some mass defections, and even more quiet withdrawals of labour, on the part of constituency workers.  It's bad enough if you are an MP facing extinction at the hands of your opponents but when your own supporters do the opposite of supporting then you are in a very bad place!

Apparently it is Dave's efforts to push homosexual marriage that is provoking a considerable push back from the Tory grassroots.  In this matter, I find Dave's stance deeply amusing.  As an OE (that is, for the benefit of my foreign readers, an 'Old Etonian'), and Eton being a school where buggery is almost part of the syllabus;  and also as a metrosexual moving in the, er, sophisticated society of our benighted capital city, Dave is completely unable to comprehend that some people might object to having their churches desecrated (their terminology, not mine) by such ceremonies.  Even at the level of cunning street politics there is virtually nothing to be gained from this crusade of his.  Homosexuals represent roughly 1 to 3 percent of the population - despite their boasts to the contrary - and, based on the sensible homosexulas I know, most of them, having been granted the right to civil partnerships enshrined in law, are happy to live and let live.  So Dave's campaign is pointless on almost every level particularly as it is the best contemporary example to be seen of political self-flagellation.

As an OE and an obvious toff, Dave reminds me of dear old Bertie Wooster, well meaning but ineffably dim.  The fact that he is running our country turns comedy into tragedy!


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