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Interview with MirkaDesign on Etsy

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
There are two things that Tokki & Oliver stands for:  Creativity and Female Entrepreneurs. I came across MirkaDesigns one night, and I just had to learn more about the company, the products, and of course the woman behind the business. So here is another installment of a Q&A session with another small female owned business. MirkaDesign has a modern and youthful take on bags, scarves, accessories and more.  There is something for everyone.  There are strong edgy pieces like this Large Leather bag ($48) - my personal favourite!
Interview with MirkaDesign on Etsy
or this creative and very unique Fabric Origami bracelet ($24)
Interview with MirkaDesign on Etsy
Or cute and quirky pieces like the DOTcom reusable cover & pocket hard-back notebook ($18)
Interview with MirkaDesign on Etsy
and speaking of cute, you can't miss the Boo Collection ($9) - So freaking adorable!!
Interview with MirkaDesign on Etsy
Tokki & Oliver absolutely loves MirkaDesign, so come and get to know Mirka and her company.
INTERVIEW with MirkaDesign
T&O: What inspired you to start making your own products? 
 MD: I used to watch my mom sew when I was a little girl. She could create beautiful fashion clothes not only for herself but also for us kids and her friends.  She used to wear great pieces made by herself and got a lot of compliments on them wherever she turned up.   I wished to be like her someday. I started sewing when I was about 14 years old. I remember the first skirt I sewed. It was quite big and it didn't look great but I was so proud of it. Since then I was trying to sew a little pieces from sewing magazines, like  Burda. My mom gave me a lot of tips how to do things better and more professionally. I learned a basics - how to do a skirt, trousers, how to sew on zipper and so on... then I started designing my own patterns. I always tried to buy unique and cool fabrics in local shops and sew original clothes. I attended few fashion design competitions, which gave me the confidence in what I was doing. Sewing has become my creative outlet, where I escape and put my creative energy to good use. 
 T&O: What are your favorite products in your collection?
MD: All of my products are special to me. Each item is made individually by myself from the pattern creation to final product so I have kind of "relationship" which each product if you know what I mean :)  I can't name my favorite. Each product is part of me :) 
 T&O: What do you have in store for us in the future?

MD: I am planning to build my  own website, extend the range of my products and introduce new designs.
 T&O: Tell us a little bit about the woman behind the company?

I am originally from Slovak republic and live in Ireland now. Aside from creating bags and various accessories, I work as an administrative clerk during the day. Sometimes it's hard to combine 2 jobs but on the other side it keeps me busy and that's what I like. I also enjoy reading books, walking & training my dog, cooking, traveling but sewing is my passion. I love to spend time in my own workroom, listening to music, looking at the fabrics, mixing them, creating various patterns and free all my ideas! That's what makes me really happy.  ************************************************************** A Big THANK YOU goes out to Mirka for her time and.....Get 10% off by using the coupon code TOKKIANDOLIVER.  All your readers get 10% off everything. To claim a discount enter the code at the checkout. If you buy more than one item in 1 order the coupon will apply to entire order.
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