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Interview: Mallrat

Posted on the 01 September 2016 by Music Creates Us @musiccreatesus


We’ve had a lot of opportunities lately to catch up with Mallrat, and are excited to bring you all an exclusive interview with our latest leading lady. It’s not always easy to connect from halfway across the globe, but the Internet can be a useful tool now and again. Check out our conversation with Mallrat below:

You’ve recently released your debut EP, Uninvited–congrats! The title track is actually one of our favorites. What’s the reasoning behind choosing that song as the name of the EP?

Thank you! I chose “Uninvited” because the EP is about feeling weird and alien and growing up.

Your music is a fun blend of rap, pop, and indie. How did you come to develop your own unique sound?

I think that just happened naturally, I don’t like to overthink songwriting. I really like all sorts of music.

You deal with a lot of synth–do you ever find that to be a challenge to translate to a live performance?

At the moment my live show is just my DJ and I, so she takes care of all of the backing tracks. It would be cool to have a live band though! Maybe soon.

Your songs feel very real and blunt, if you will (nothing wrong with that!). In “Uninvited” was there one specific moment that may have inspired the track?

Thank you! Realness and honesty is the best, I’m glad you hear that. “Uninvited” was just me being [tired] of small talk and people being manipulative [and] fake.

We’re often curious about foreign artists breaking into the US scene. How do you feel about this? Has it been a challenge for you at all?

I’m curious about it too! So far so good, but it’s still [the] early days. I’m just excited that there are lots of different types of people relating to my music, and that hopefully I’ll get to come visit you soon.

Although in the track “Uninvited” you demand to be “taken off the list,” if you could throw your own party, who would be there?

My best friends.

What’s next? Are there plans for a tour?

I hope so! Right now I’m just trying to make heaps of music.

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Interview: Mallrat
Interview: Mallrat

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