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International Short Film Festival 2012 At Surat

Posted on the 27 January 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
International Short Film Festival 2012 At SuratHello friends, am very pleased to inform u that International short film festival 2012 will be going to take place at Surat,India. Film festivals give a chance to project our talent in film making. So, aspiring film makers please don't miss golden opportunity this time because u have handful of time,this festival takes place in the month of May,2012. So, still u have lots of time in your hand. try to make a professional looking short film tell the world that u are capable of doing something which u like.
Someone asked me a question that what is the difference between screening and competition. Well its very simple, screening is nothing but presenting the selected short films without filtering process, whereas competition means only winning short films are projected without any liberty. Hope u understand. if u still have any doubts please feel free to comment.
For more details regarding this short film festival please go through this site: Short Flilm Festival 2012

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